There is a good reason behind the recent trend of quitting regular jobs to go freelance. People started to realize that nobody is forcing them to choose jobs that dictate the tempo of their lives in a way that makes them feel stressed or even depressed. Millions of people have already decided to become freelancers instead. Will you follow their example? Who knows – life is pretty unpredictable.

Regardless of your career path, it is good to know that you can always opt for alternative sources of income. If you are interested to find out more about benefits of going freelance, take a look.

Relative independence

One of the greatest advantages of going freelance is the fact that it’s much easier to organize your day.

While working from 9 AM to 5 PM five days a week has its pros, the truth is that there is no worker who genuinely enjoys being forced to come to the worksite every single morning. There are tens of possible situations that could make coming to the workplace at 9 AM almost impossible. What if a person has a terrible headache or stomach pain? Would they really be of any help to their colleagues? Or what if they’ve had an awful night because someone close to them had an accident or any other kind of a problem? Unfortunately, not many employers understand this issue.

Freelance jobs allow people to organize their business hours relatively independently. Depending on the nature of the job, a person who hires a freelance worker usually sets deadlines too. However, unlike other employers, they don’t interfere with a freelancer’s time management. Two things are very important though – to meet deadlinesand complete tasks in accordance with their expectations.

Multitasking (and more sources of income)

For many people, having only one source of income isn’t enough. But if a person works forty hours a week, it is highly unlikely that they’ll be able to find additional jobs. And, even if they do, would they really be able to manage all tasks successfully?

On the other hand, freelancers are far less limited when it comes to multitasking. For example, one can work as a pet sitter in the morning, and finish their data entry tasks in the afternoon. Similarly, many freelancers get paid to take surveys onlinefrom home because they have enough time to do as many surveys as they want. Online surveys can be filled out in a restaurant or on public transport. It’s no wonder that online surveys have become one of the most popular ways to earn extra money.

Better social life

Going freelance enables people to manage their personal commitments more easily. In comparison with other workers, freelancers are far less likely to miss family dinners or night outs with friends.

Because they are enabled to organize their working hours in a way that benefits their daily routine, freelancers who are highly organized have much more spare time. Not only does this make them more satisfied with their professional life, but it also positively affects their work performance. Having this in mind, companies who care for performance measurement are bound to be satisfied with the performance of an individual who works as a freelancer.

Both well-being and the quality of social lifeare tightly linked to a person’s work performance. Workers can’t fully enjoy their jobs unless they are given enough time to share the benefits of the efforts they put into work with their loved ones. For example, a person who works as a freelance event manager is probably going to have a vivacious social life because of the number of people they get in touch with.

Stress-free work environment

Another immensely important benefit of going freelance is that nobody is around to make noise or create unnecessary drama. Unfortunately, workers around the globe are victims of mobbing. Surviving workplace mobbing can be very challenging even for the more experienced workers. Sadly, in many cases, the employer is the one who is responsible for the harassment. This generally leads to a high rate of employee turnover.

On the other hand, freelancers are able to create their own work environment. Setting up a home office is a smart move for anyone who decides to become a freelancer. Not only is it far less likely that a person will be bothered by a representative of a company who hired them, but they could also be in full control of the working hours.

Social media managers usually have nicely set up home offices because of the time they spend using their laptops and phones. In order to satisfy the needs of their clients, people who manage social media accounts of other individuals and companies have to feel completely comfortable with their work environment. Similarly, bloggers and freelance writers will produce better content if their home offices are set up according to their own standards. Needless to say, it is essential to obtain office supplies. However, adding plants and scented candles will make a real difference. While plants reduce stress, scented candles help freelancers work in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention that listening to music during work is only possible if one works from the comfort of their own home.

Healthier lifestyle

Arguably the most important benefit of going freelance is the healthier lifestyle that comes with it.

When a person works in a stress-free environment and is completely happy with their professional life, their health improves too. Scheduling in accordance with their habits allows freelancers to regularly visit gyms and yoga centers. Besides, they don’t need to worry about whether they’ll have enough time (and money) to carefully plan their meals.

Extra benefits of going freelance include more time for outdoor activities, more time for learning new skills, more money for traveling, as well as more possibilities for soul-fulfilling relationships.

All things considered, it’s really hard to argue against becoming a freelancer. This is because jobs are supposed to complement peoples’ lives, which is far more likely to happen if they opt for a freelance lifestyle. The possibilities that come with such a decision are practically limitless. At the end of the day, the way we feel about our own lives is what matters the most. In 2018, there is no need to stick to your present job if it doesn’t enhance your life in any way.

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