For many businesses around the world, the investment of good caster wheels for a variety of uses is crucial. It is a significant investment and you should want to maintain them properly so they last a long time. Commercial businesses can do many things to help keep their caster wheels working properly and be able to get the best return on their investment possible by doing so. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to maintain the rigid casters you purchased from reputable merchants such a


The first and most important step to taking care of your rigid casters and keeping them maintained is by making sure they stay property lubricated. In most cases, the caster wheels and the fittings on them need to be lubricated at least twice a year. This is not a time frame that is set in stone, however. How often they get lubricated will mostly depend on the environment they are used in.

Check Fasteners

Another important tip for maintaining your rigid casters is by regularly checking the fasteners they are connected to. If these are not properly attached or are loose, you run the risk of damaging the casters or having the wheels fall off completely. Not only will this be a costly mistake, it can lead to damage of items on the cart being wheeled. This is also something that needs to be done for safety measures as well. If a person is pushing a heavy cart and the caster falls off because of loose fasteners, they could end up getting injured.

While lubrication and checking the fasteners are the most important tips for maintaining them and having them last for years to come, you need to be regularly checking each component of them. Be on the lookout for defects such as cracks and dents. If you notice damage, it is important to have the caster wheels replaced in order to maintain the other wheels. For many business owners, monthly inspections are a top priority for their carts and casters.