Who says that parties are just for kids? Nowadays there’s plenty of options you can choose from to have a kickass party at your home. What’s more, if you decide you hate having to put your home as the place for your massive event, there are still some other choices. There are plenty of venues available these days for the grownups. However, many have no clue what to do, to discover these other places for a party.

If you’re still confused and don’t know where to start, we present you with the best options available for you and your friends, to discover the places where you can throw the ultimate adult bash. These places might vary from town to town, and they represent alternatives to your mainstream bar or nightclub. So, beware and get ready to get filled with ideas. I bet you won’t regret doing any of them.

Go Hunting in The City

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to your city than what you know? Because if you do, this is the time to figure it out by playing an adult version of the Treasure Hunt. Gather some friends and make a list of the different venues in the city. Select some places, and items on the list to look for, and point them out on a map. Divide your friends into teams and create a score for each team to add up the number of points they obtain for each item they get.

This is called Scavenger Hunt and is an excellent idea for discovering new places within your city while you have some fun with your friends. To make it more interesting, you can put your roller skates on to add an extra adventurous touch. You can also include some special awards like an all paid dinner in a bar or some extra beers for the winning team. Doing this will be anything but boring.


Try Some Outdoor Activities

There are so many activities you can do outdoors. Some of the main ones include:

There are many amusement parks like Six Flags which has special events designed for the grownups. To make it more comfortable which one of these places to choose, make a list and discuss it with your friends. Your friends can come up with new places you didn’t know existed. So, having an open mind is vital here for you and your friends to have the party of your life.


Go to Another Country

This might be more ambitious, but it is also worth it. Especially if you and your friends are about to hit an important age milestone and share a taste for travel and having new adventures in new places.

This option is particularly great if you happen to share birthdays with your friends. Get together for a joint birthday and define the place where you want to go. This is great, as it can leave you with great memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, don’t miss the chance.


Rent a Boat

At first, the idea might sound quite expensive, but not if you get to reunite a large group of friends, as you can share expenses. This option is great if you happen to live near a shore, as there are many boats available for rent. These boats offer amazing party related services as well.

To get this gig started contact a boat rental agency. You’ll find a wide variety of boats available, and price ranges to choose from, so you can party like Leonardo DiCaprio on The Wall Street Wolf, but without having to have a six-figure bank account.


Have a Beach Party

To have a beach party, you don’t even have to live near the beach. Just living in a town at sea is enough. A beach can be a great place to go to for having a fantastic party. To get the most out of this tropical gathering, get out of your comfort zone and invite as many people as you can. The more people you invite, the merrier.

You have the opportunity to hang out, enjoy life and forge new friendships. So, this, along with some drinks and snacks as well as some board games will have you ready to party the night away.

Go to a Concert

If you are a band or a music artist fan, and they happen to come to your town on your birthday or close to your birthday, you’ve certainly found a great reason to attend. Gather some friends who want to go out with you to the mix and be ready for an incredible night full of people and music you love.

Just make sure to get the tickets before they run out, especially if your favorite artist is pretty well known, and therefore a stadium-filler.


Go Camping

If you prefer being in touch with nature and enjoy the quietness near the woods or a lake, camping could be your cup of tea. There are camping places where they have bungalows, as well as those for people who bring their camping tent.

Make sure to scour the area and ensure that it is safe and out of reach of potential threats like bears or any other wild animal. You also want to make sure to choose a good quality camping tent that gives you the best protection possible.

Also, what makes camping an unforgettable experience is building a good fire at night. Here you and your friends can roast some marshmallows as well as sing songs and dance near the flames of the firewood.

Therefore, whatever option you choose, you are sure to have a ball of a time. Just make sure that you bring enough good food, firewood, and a good quality cooler, so the food and drinks don’t get spoiled. This, in addition to the company of your best friends, will guarantee you one of the best parties ever, without needing to head to a bar or a nightclub.