You’ve been carrying your baby for nine months, and when you were sent to the emergency room for the baby’s birth, feelings of excitement and fear start to take over you. You think that this is the best moment in your life and you just can’t wait to see your baby. The doctor arrived and started to inform you of what will happen. You were then instructed to push, and you immediately obliged. Moments passed, and you can hear your baby crying. It was one of the happiest moments in your life. However, you’ve noticed that your baby has several bruises on her body. Some of the muscles in your baby’s body don’t seem to move either. And you were never warned by your OBGYN that these would happen during childbirth. With all of the things you’ve noticed, you’ve decided to file a lawsuit for your baby’s birth injuries.

You’ve seen how people have filed lawsuits of different kinds and you know that this can be a tedious process. You’ll have to pour out your time and efforts throughout the entire duration of the lawsuit to ensure that you’d win. And you don’t want all your work for the lawsuit to be pointless. You want to win because you want people responsible for your baby’s birth injuries to be sued and pay for the damages they’ve made. To help you attain that goal, read on below to know more of what you can do about birth injuries legally. All of the information presented in this list will help you have a clearer picture of what to expect and what you can do to make the process smooth as possible.

What is your first step?

The moment you suspect your child has birth injuries, seek medical help right away. Some birth injuries are time-sensitive which worsen by the minute so make sure that your baby is attended to right away. You want your child to be better, not her injuries to worsen. After you’re able to seek medical help for your baby’s injuries, you can start looking for law firms which are specializing in birth injuries cases. Working with them will make everything easier for you and you can ensure that you’re exercising all the rights you’re entitled to.

When should you take legal action for your baby’s birth injuries?

Once your baby is diagnosed with birth injuries, you can start the ball rolling by taking legal actions for what happened. You should also start working with your lawyer to ensure that what you’re doing is appropriate for the lawsuit. Inform the hospital about the legal actions you’re doing too. The moment they’ll know about what happened to your baby, they’ll be sending representatives or an insurance specialist to talk with you. These people have in-depth knowledge of birth injuries cases and will generally offer you a large sum of money to cover the damages. While this amount can be large, most of the time, it doesn’t cover all of the medical costs that your child needs.

How can you balance your time between taking care of your injured baby while working through the legal process?

It’s difficult to balance your time during the legal process while you’re taking care of your injured baby, especially if you’re the primary caretaker. You need to be there for your baby during these trying times. Fortunately, there are different law firms out there which strive to work with you by ensuring that you can still have time with your injured baby regardless of how tedious the legal process can get. They’ll make sure that the process is smooth and easy for you, without compromising the time you need for your baby.

How long does a trial take?

Some trials can take up months, while some, years. Everything depends on how severe the injuries and how strong your evidence is. If you have a lot of evidence documented through reliable paperwork, the trial will be faster for you.

What documents do you need as evidence?

Everything involved in the process – names of the medical practitioners who were present during your delivery, the receipt of the bills you had to pay for your baby’s injuries and pictures of the actual bruises your baby incurred when you first saw her. All of these are important for you to have bigger chances of winning the case. Remember to keep all the paperwork that you think is helpful to the case. It’s better to have too much evidence than to present less in court.

As a parent, you would only want the best for your child, and that should start the moment your baby opens her eyes to this world. Yes, your baby might still be innocent, but the injuries she incurred during birth might affect her even when she’s old enough – and you want someone to be held responsible for the damages they’ve made. You’ll have bigger chances of winning the lawsuit once you understand what to do about it legally, and this article can help you with that.

Dianna Charles

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