It’s easy to believe that online marketing is only for online businesses while brick-and-mortar businesses, or those servicing people in their home, must focus on other ways of attracting clients. However, the reality is that inbound online marketing is just as effective for large online businesses as it is for the small hyperlocal ones. It’s all about how you utilize the tools available to you to attract people to what you offer via Search Engines.

Our very own carpet cleaning company in Ottawa, 1CleanAir, is a prime example of this technique. We found that there was a greater ROI when marketing using Adwords and SEO to boost our presence online and attract customers.

As a carpet cleaning company, we didn’t have a clear idea of how to start, but over time, we’ve built an online marketing structure using the best tools for our goals and measuring the results. Want to market your own carpet cleaning online? Here’s what you need to do:

Set Clear Goals and Audience

It’s important to know what you want to accomplish with your marketing campaigns. Do you want to increase your monthly revenue? Do you want more traffic to your website? Choose something you can measure and be as specific as possible.

An example of this is:

“1ClearAir will have 20% more new customers in 2017”

Now, who is your audience? Are they mainly female or male? What is the age group? Create potential client profiles and market for those specific groups.

Educate yourself on your industry’s keywords

We learned that the best keywords will center around our clients’ questions and how they would search them on Google. It’s easy to err by choosing keywords that are too specific or too vague. The trick is to provide answers for the client, becoming an expert in our industry and becoming a reliable source to come to when it’s time to make a purchase. For your own carpet cleaning business, don’t be afraid of using keywords that will help the client solve problems on their own.

An example of this is writing content with keywords about cleaning your own carpet.

Market your business using Adwords and SEO

Use Adwords to get your relevant content out there for your potential clients to see. Use keywords and long-tail keywords to better connect with your clients’ searches, which could be simplified and use colloquial terms, like in our case “outdoor rug cleaning in Ottawa” Knowing these keywords and using them to your best advantage will help you rank much better on both Google and other search engines.

Measure your ROI

Google offers conversion tracking to best measure how many of your leads turn into purchases using your calls to action.

A simple formula for this is to take revenue that is a product of your ads, take away the costs, and divide by overall costs. Good ROI will be determined by your industry and the goals you set. Sometimes, ROI can be as little as 1%, but given the costs of online marketing, it’s likely that your ROI will be much higher than traditional marketing returns.

This way, by using online market research, keywords and search engine marketing, you understand your customer better and can track down the cost of obtaining each client.