Even though a lot of people dismiss all but organic ways of gaining traffic to your website, this is definitely not the only way you can go on about your marketing. Sure, some compare PPC (pay-per-click) to buying visits but what’s so bad about it. First of all, keep in mind that every single method of digital marketing can be brought down to this if only you are determined enough. You see, having a great design of website might also boost your traffic, yet hiring a skilled web designer won’t be interpreted as “buying visits”. This being said, here are seven benefits of PPC campaign that might definitely make it worth your while.

1.    Measurable ROI

More than a century ago, John Wannamaker stated that although he knows half the money he spends on the marketing goes to waste, he can never know which part. The situation is a completely opposite with PPC and here, you get the unprecedented level of feedback regarding where your audience came from. You see, seeing how you have to pay for every single click that led to your page, you need to know how many of them you got from which source. Even though this may seem completely unbelievable, but for the first time in the history of marketing, you get the exact numbers that reveal the ROI of your PPC campaign.

2.    Immediate Results

Another great thing about PPC is that it yields you immediate results, unlike any other marketing method you may try out. Sure, it would be absurd to claim PPC is clearly superior to content marketing or SEO but both of these methods take some time to give results, while with PPC it usually takes only a few hours. In regard to what we previously discussed, this only makes measuring ROI easier. Furthermore, it is great for startups and young companies that don’t have the luxury of waiting until their website starts generating traffic the organic way. At the end of the day, it is worth employing all of these methods and this is when they yield the best results but it is still important for you to know what each of these segments brings to the table.

3.    Optimal Cost-Efficiency

Even though traffic may seem as a vanity metric, when combined with a conversion rate of your website (which is a story for another time), it may become a reliable factor determining the rate at which you generate profit. In other words, you might be able to calculate with a pinpoint accuracy just how much money each of these clicks stands to bring. Here comes the best part, PPC as its name suggests, requires you only to pay for those ads that actually bring you traffic. You get a new audience member – you pay. Your offer gets ignored – you don’t pay. It really is that simple and with proper PPC management, you can get even more out of this deal.

4.    More Individual Initiative

One of the greatest tasks of every single entrepreneur out there lies in making people around you actually give it their 100 percent. With PPC, you won’t have this problem, seeing how one’s paycheck is in direct correlation with the effort they invested or the level of creativity on their disposal. Instead of having to micro-manage everything and ensure every single one of these minor victories on your own, you can now safely rely on the individual effort of people who are displaying their ads on their blog or advertising you on their channels. The success at which they do this is no longer your concern, seeing how you are no longer expected to pay for slacking.

5.    Efficient Local Marketing

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is a fact that most PPC platforms like Google AdWords allow you to target your audience based on their location. In 2017 more people browse the internet through their phones than through their PCs, which makes tracking their location via GPS even simpler. This incredible feature allows you to locate potential customers that are just miles away from your headquarters, raising the potential for a successful local marketing campaign by quite a bit. Still, this doesn’t mean that PPC isn’t as effective on a global scale.

6.    Perfect for A/B Testing

While A/B testing definitely isn’t its conventional use, keep in mind that this is also one of the options you may want to use PPC for. You see, whenever you cannot decide between two options, you can always try them both out in PPC campaign and see which of them gives you better results. Earlier on, we mentioned that this is one of the most reliable ways of getting data on the subject and sometimes the best use of such a method is an outside-of-the-box one.

7.    A Much Easier Job

Finally, one of the best traits of PPC is a fact that there is no complex algorithm to please in order to get what you want. With SEO and content marketing you need to worry about things such as keyword abuse, quality of content and metadata, while with PPC things are much easier. Here, all you need to do is allocate some funds for the campaign and get started. Furthermore, the advantage that often gets overlooked here is the fact that algorithm constantly changes, which means that with PPC you have one less thing to worry about and one more constant to rely on. In a volatile environment of present-day digital marketing, this is not a small thing.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons for you to use a PPC campaign and not a single one against it. Sure, some may argue that visits alone aren’t what matters but the conversion rates themselves, still, what are the conversion rates without a traffic. A conversion rate of 100 percent when you have a single visitor to your website is the same as a conversion rate of 1 percent for 100 visitors. In other words, you need both parts of the equation in order to make a profit and a PPC campaign might just be your best bet at getting at least one of them.