Most of us take our health and safety for granted, but the truth is, injuries and accidents can occur anywhere at any time.  In 2013-14 alone, around half a million people were hospitalized as a result of injuries, with around 12,000 dying as a result of the physical effects. Though road accidents and criminal incidents make up a majority of these cases, very often injuries are a result of public accidents that are caused negligent safety practices.

Flashpoints for potential accidents can include:

  • Wet, slippery floors that have been improperly cleaned or marked out,
  • Misplaced ropes and cables,
  • Bad lighting
  • Soft or uneven terrain
  • Faulty safety equipment
  • Exposed electrical wiring

If you’re the unfortunate victim of such circumstances then moving past the pain and humiliation to make a claim for the damages caused can be a daunting prospect. Especially with long-standing laws that have made it harder for people to seek compensation for their injuries in the last 15 years. However legal experts are standing by, ready and willing to help you with making a public liability claim. The process includes.

How a Public Liability Claim Works


The legal expert will sit down and hear your story free of charge. They will examine all the facts and accounts, and try to determine whether the accident was preventable and if it was, whether it was caused by the negligence of another party. Try to make sure you seek out a consultation within 12 months of sustaining your injury.


In order to aid the legal expert you can provide any supporting documentation you have at this point such as hospital records, a police report or any photos or videos you might have of the accident and/or aftermath, as well as any financial records of lost earning.

The Case

If the legal expert finds sufficient evidence for a case they will sign an agreement with you, and then start making the necessary filings for a court case. This process usually takes 2 weeks.

For the next months, the legal expert will build your case finding additional supporting documentation, drafting witnesses and analyzing existing evidence. They will look to prove that the damage you have suffered is as a direct result of any accident, that the negligent party was solely responsible for the circumstances that led to the accident and that you had little to no part in the accident occurring.


In order to protect you from a long and expensive court case, a legal expert will usually look to settle with the negligent parties insurers out of court. At this point, they will discuss an acceptable amount of settlement with you that will compensate you for the losses you have borne.


If the negotiations are unsatisfactory, or the valuations that you and the “at fault” party come up with are too far apart, the legal expert will proceed to court. In many cases, lawyers will agree on a no-win no fee basis, especially if they feel you have a strong case. It may take up to a year or two for your case to be taken from inception to end. Compensation usually takes about 18 months or so to be processed, with your lawyer then taking a percentage of the fee.