Those who are planning a career in medicine will someday have to decide which specialisation they wish to take. Some want to be neurosurgeon while others cardiologist. Sadly, even today, a career in radiology is not a student’s first priority.

In this article we will explore further information about a career in radiology and aim to change your perception about how the profession is seen and why one should opt for a career in it. Radiologists are no less than surgeon or general physicians. They do more or less the same amount of work. They may not be holding the scalpel while in a surgery, they still play a vital role in helping the doctor diagnose, examine and interpret the results of  a CT scan, an X-ray, a Fluoroscopy or angioplasty scan. In fact, they are trained to treat all illness. Like any other professional physician, they also have completed school and hold MD degrees.

Radiologists Are the Heart of the Medical Profession

It would be hard to imagine a world without radiologists. Who would have helped the doctors and surgeons if not radiologist, to figure out what are the needs of the patient or what illnesses they suffer from. No matter how advanced the imaging techniques become, there will always be the need for    radiologist to correctly diagnose, examine and interpret the test results

Radiology Can Be Interesting!

A radiologist does more than one job all day. They usually start of their day by examining patients, helping them position themselves correctly on machines, ensuring that all safety procedures are followed during a test, adjust the machine if needed and work with other radiologists to interpret the results of the test.

Radiography Improves Your Skills Set

Not all radiologist work in medicine. There are many, who willingly opt to work with scientists or engineers to study fossils or product designs. One may even rotate in these different fields and therefore, get a chance to expand their skills set. They can also decide how many hours they would like to invest, what kind of work environment they would like to work in and what type of job would they prefer.

The Career Is Fulfilling

Many people don’t take into account how fulfilling the job can be. Whether it is as simple as helping a doctor out with the images, making tough situations smooth or reassuring a patient that everything will be okay, everything a radiologist does help one sleep better at night. There are only a few jobs that help one find inner peace and if that is what you are looking for, a career in radiology will be perfect for you.

The Future of Radiology Is Bright

Let us talk about finances. The average annual salary of a radiologist is AU$151,795 per year. Furthermore, recent reports from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists confirm that the profession is seeing immense growth. It is, by all means a fast growing market and will soon become one of the most sought after profession worldwide.