With the Net becoming a major source of direct and indirect income, web hosting is an integral part of the Web’s economic potential. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the opportunities that reseller hosting plans offer and cement your place as a savvy and successful online investor. This option allows you to venture into this industry without needing to invest heavy fortunes and possess extensive online experience.

But what is the guarantee that your baby investment will succeed? Are there any ideas that can inspire you to success? To get the answers to these critical questions, remain with this post up to end.

Choose Appropriate Hosting Plans

Since you are a new player on the pitch, you should select your packages carefully. The key to succeeding here is differentiating your web hosting packages. You can distinguish and make your packages more attractive by punctuating them with freebies and other free add-ons.

Price Your Packages Properly

As a new entrant in the field, you should price your packages properly and objectively. Make sure that your pricing will enable you to gain and retain customers, give you enough profits to break even, and suit your clients’ financial level. At this level, you can use entry pricing strategies that will bring in new buyers and adjust them later on as you solidify your footing in the market.

Support Your Customers

Supporting your customers is a decisive duty you have to fulfill if you want your hosting business to go far. Whether they need support to overcome some difficulty, they need answers to their questions, or they want to vent out their dissatisfaction, you have no other option but to listen to them. For a startup you want to grow into a giant, you should establish a 24/7 customer support system that listens to your clients and takes in their suggestions.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your clients, how would you feel when you see a company implementing a beneficial change you suggested to them? To succeed in your customer support, you should listen sympathetically and patiently to everything your customers are raising. In addition, you need to respond swiftly to their queries so that they do not remain stranded. Don’t forget to be truthful with your customers especially when you are in the wrong. Just be honest enough to apologize rather than struggle to win an argument and then lose the customer.

To fortify your customer support, you should diversify your customer response options. It is necessary to have online live chats, email responses, and a fixed landline where customers can call and get personalized attention. If you want to win the hearts of your new clients, it is better to avoid answering machines because they give clients a “cold” response. When a customer calls and finds a human being on the other side of the line, they get encouraged to speak out their needs because they know a caring human is listening to them.

Install an SSL certificate

Since you are operating in an online environment, security is a paramount consideration. You should create a secure environment for your customers to operate and trust your system. A secure environment is not just good for the safety of your customers, but for your own business safety too. By making your clients feel secure, you will give them another valid reason to remain within your clientele, and this will translate into sustained sales.

One of the ways of enhancing the security of your business website is using an SSL Certificate on your server-side such as Wildcard SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate will keep your customers’ sensitive information such as identity, credit cards, and addresses safe from theft and intrusion by hackers, same as a Wildcard Certificate secure unlimited sub domains under the single domain. You can easily choose any cheapest wildcard SSL certificate from a reseller to avoid any security breach on your website. But it is recommended to compare the Wildcard SSL Certificate price & features like issuance time & warranty before purchasing. With all these feature & benefits in place, you will not suffer massive customer defections that can ruin your young business at this critical stage of formation.

Promote Your Business

To excel in your new web hosting venture, you have to think of and implement practical ways of promoting your new business. As an online startup, discounts that are punctuated by quality products and service are a great way of getting into the hearts of your incoming clients and retaining them. By so doing, you set a platform for them to buy more, not to mention that such clients will find it a duty to tell their friends and family members about your offers. You can also schedule your promotional discounts at the end of the month, special festivals such as Christmas, and New Year celebrations when the spending craze is at its peak.

Besides discounts, you ought to advertise your brand in both online and offline media. For instance, you can harness and optimize the immense marketing power that various social networks provide. You can optimize You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to get and remain in touch with your clients. Moreover, blogs related to your hosting business are great platforms where you can promote and build your brand.

Satisfy your customers

If you want your reseller hosting venture to succeed, you should put the satisfaction of your customers at the center of all your operations. The reason is that satisfaction is the only thing that will keep your customer coming back to your shop. If you do not satisfy them, then be sure they will tolerate your services and products as long as they have not landed a better option. Therefore, you ought to attend to their needs as a matter of life against death for you to remain in business. You have to create a system of transparency and empathy so that you can listen to your customers and answer their questions satisfactorily. This way, you will not just have customers, but you will also transform them into permanent “customers” who will stand by your side as you grow your business to the next level of success and stability.


Success in any business venture requires you to fly with birds of a feather. If you want your reseller hosting business to excel and become a permanent success, it is necessary to surround yourself with like-minded business ventures. You can meet other entrepreneurs in places such as registers, online forums, and IT companies and create more customers. By building such strategic networks, you will be in an advantageous position to build your reputation and sharpen your acumen in the reseller hosting industry by learning from others. In addition, your like-minded networks will enable you to form strategic synergies that will bolster your position in the market.

Parting shot

Reselling web hosting packages is one of the most lucrative ways of engaging in the web hosting business since you do not need any experience or heavy investment. However, you have to pay attention to other areas of your investment if you want to succeed in the long-term. If you can implement the ideas we have discussed in this post, such as the installation of a cheap SSL Certificate and satisfying your customers, you are set to excel. In addition, prioritizing customer support will lead to the retaining and expansion of your customer base. We believe that if you pay attention to the success tips and ideas we have discussed in this post, you can book yourself a ticket to guaranteed success. We hope that you will optimize them and make your new reseller hosting venture a lasting success.