Have you ever walked out of your house on your way to work feeling as if you were still half asleep? Sometimes, your body remains in a resting mode for the rest of the day. You are half yourself, your performance is less than perfect, and you become so unhappy because everything about your day is just a distraction from your desire to keep sleeping. Sometimes, your body needs to be woken up. Some people splash cold water on their faces first thing in the morning or play loud music. For a better way to set the tone for a whole day of active productivity, try out these six simple morning exercises.

Go for a Walk or Run

Walking or running is done mostly outdoors because it’s so much fun when done in nature. This type of exercise can also be done indoors on a treadmill, or by jogging in place. Time yourself using a timer and increase the length of time of your exercise as you make progress in your exercise routine. If you can, go for a hike, even if you need to use trekking poles or other tools to get started.


Lie down on your belly. Place your palms on the floor, your hands even with your shoulders. Push your whole body upward, with only your hands and your toes touching the floor. Lower your body and then raise it again. Continue doing these until you can reach 10 pushups, and work your way up from there.  Keep increasing the number of pushups as you get stronger. Pushups strengthen almost all of the muscles in your body, including those in your feet.

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and your arms to your sides. Then move your feet to the sides and raise your arms up in a sideways motion as you jump. You should land with your feet apart and your arms raised. Quickly move your feet back together and lower both arms to your sides as you jump again. You should land in your first position. Repeat eight times. You can start with only five jumping jacks, and then increase the jumping jacks you do beyond eight as you get stronger. Jumping jacks strengthen the muscles in your chest and the muscles in your limbs. They strengthen your lungs and improve your blood circulation. If you want to strengthen your mind as much as you strengthen your body, you can check out Peak Nootropics for ways to enhance your mind.

Balancing the Table Pose

This is also a yoga pose. Kneel on all fours. Start focusing on your breathing. Slowly raise and straighten your left leg backward while you raise and straighten your right arm forward as you exhale, aligning your right arm and your left leg with your torso like the surface of a table. Lower both your right arm and your left leg back to their initial position. Repeat this step with your left arm and your right leg as you exhale again. Lower both your left arm and right leg. Do this with your right arm and left leg again with your third exhale. Keep repeating, alternating your right arm and left arm. Because this pose is used in yoga, it also strengthens the mind. It increases focus and strengthens your brain.


Get a sturdy box, chair, or table. You can even find a real step on a flight of stairs. When you put one foot in your step, your knee should be at a 90-degree angle. To do this exercise, place your right foot on the step. Press your right foot on the surface of the step as you pull your whole body up to stand on the step. Go down from the step backward by placing your right foot back to the ground and then placing your left foot next to it. Repeat this step by starting to climb the step with your left foot. Repeat this exercise for 30 times and alternate your feet for fifteen times. This exercise is known among women for reshaping the butt and keeping it from sagging.


Stand with your feet apart. Hold your arms forward, and then lower your body like you are about to sit down. Pause when your lower abdomen aligns with your knees, and straighten up. Repeat this exercise several times. You can do eight leg squats when you’re still beginning, and then do more than eight leg squats once the muscles in your legs become more accustomed to all the squatting. It strengthens the muscles of your legs and your sense of balance. Just like step-ups, it is also known among women for shaping up the lower part of the body.

These exercises will surely tell your body that sleep is over and it’s daytime, time to get to work. They will get you bouncing through your day and bouncing up in life to become successful. They also have a plus point that is making you healthier, stronger, happier, and better-looking.