The development of digital technology has brought a variety of advancements and benefits for businesses in different industries. One of the latest software tools that is becoming increasingly popular and effective is live chat software.

The implementation of this software in any type of business brings an abundance of benefits, so one would expect that this comes at a high price. However, using such a tool carries insignificant costs, and it pays off greatly in the long run. Let’s take a look at all the different industries that benefit from live chat for a website.


This is, by far, the industry that is benefiting the most by implementing live chat for a website. Using this software on the right pages leads to higher conversion rates, helping businesses achieve more sales. It is quite simple – a customer can, at any time, get all the necessary information about the product.

As the e-commerce industry is quite vast, we will go over some of its branches that can reap the full benefits of live chat:

  • Pharmaceutical industry – People are always serious about their health. With live chat software, a customer can easily reach out to you for recommendations about different types of medication. This leads to increased trust and a higher number of sales over time.
  • Online clothing stores – Many websites have different instructions about the different clothing sizes and how to pick the right one. But, it is much easier for them to acquire all the details about a particular item through live chat, before making the purchase.
  • Consumer product online stores – There are plenty of different consumer products available on online stores. Practically, no matter what type of merchandise we are talking about, it is much easier to make a sale to a person to whom you can provide enough details.

Therefore, if you are running an online store, implementing live chat for a website is a great way to improve sales and customer service satisfaction.


Education is developing fast, as a number of changes are already occurring in the online world. Nowadays, universities use knowledge base software to store data for their students and bridge the gap between professors and students with different types of software. Implementing live chat can make things easier for both universities and their students.

  • Administration live chat – Every university has plenty of rules and obligations that need to be properly addressed. Getting all the important information can be a tiresome process, however, instead of the staff having to answer thousands of calls daily, they can use live chat to provide all the important information to students. This reduces the time needed for finishing this task, while also making it possible to handle a higher number of requests.
  • Teacher live chat – By implementing a live chat tool in university knowledge base pages, students can more easily reach out directly to professors. This makes it possible for students to acquire information from a professor, without having to waste time on finding his or her office to simply ask a question or two.

In education, live chat is perfect for connecting teachers and students together, and it also greatly helps with improving the workflow of the administration team.

Real estate websites

Making a real estate purchase is a task that demands a lot of research. However, before it all begins, you need to meet the agent and get all the necessary information about the property.

This is something that agents should be very aware of, and some already are. Therefore, the implementation of live chat software is a perfect way to acquire some basic information quickly and set a date to visit the property. It makes it unnecessary to make phone calls and set up dates when it can be done quickly through the live chat software.

In the long run, this makes the agent much more accessible to his or her potential clients, resulting in a higher number of sales.

Automotive websites

Selling vehicles is a hard business because you have to find enough time to explain to a person why they are making the right choice when picking a specific vehicle. With the implementation of live chat software, all this can be easily done online without losing too much time.

Also, implementing such a software tool is cheap and it is accessible to car salons of all sizes.

With live chat for website, you or your employees can more easily help a customer with complete dedication. It will be easier for them to determine what type of vehicle will best serve their needs, without having to spend hours and hours consulting car experts.

In the long run, this puts you ahead of the competition, as people will start to put more trust in your business.

Software products and services

Selling software products is not an easy task. Not all people know how to set it up or what to do when something goes wrong. Live chat is perfect as a customer support tool in this scenario. By implementing live chat on your website, you can offer instant customer support to your clients.

This is crucial for establishing a base of satisfied returning customers. Therefore, the implementation of live chat for a website in this industry makes it easier for you to build a number of trusting customers, which can bring even more people to you.

Hospitality industry

Writing those long emails in order to book a room is no longer necessary. By putting live chat software on their websites, hotels and other members of hospitality industry open a channel of continuously open communication with their customers.

This makes the communication much more natural and easier, which opens the door to a higher number of people who are interested in hospitality services a business is offering.

Live chat implementation for a website is necessary for achieving stable business growth. It is no longer about staying ahead of the competition and having something others do not. It is about providing value for your customers, who will, in the future, choose to do business with you again. Plus they will recommend you to other people.

Author Bio:
Jason is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.