Most people are, in fact, worried about getting old. On the other hand, numerous surveys show that when one finally gets old, all those fears kind of disappear. You may say that fear exists just when you’re young. Elderly are more satisfied with their lives, they don’t suffer from depression as much as younger people do, and fear of death is less present as well. So, what happens in the meantime? What are the most common fears among middle-aged men?

Fear of getting Weak

It is true the real source of power is knowledge, but in men’s minds, that’s not enough. For most men, power is also related to physical ability. Men are generally more sensitive about losing their strength. The possibility of not being able to pick something heavy from the floor is a legitimate fear of most men. Once they are not able to do so, that fear appears.

To fight this fear, men should consider keeping up with resistance training and a healthy diet. Although many men are afraid of losing strength, only a few follow a regimen designed to keep it.

Fear of irrelevance

A lot of men feel their career is their reason for living. Once it’s over, men start to get anxious. This can be a huge blow to their ego. Women are better in giving up their work because they’re able to fill their time faster. They’re going to spend more time with children and friends.

The only way to fight irrelevance is trying to stay involved. Keep up with learning new technology, pursue education constantly, and learn from younger people. It is crucial to preserve social networks after retirement and continue an active lifestyle. You don’t need to stop working then.

Fear of impotence

It is self-explained that men have greater fear about their sexual performance than women. Men’s life starts to change once they lose their libido. Fear of impotence is present through their entire lives, but real issues may occur when other things in their lives are changing too. At those times, men start to think about possible embarrassment and humiliation.

The fear of impotence is greater than fear of cancer, some studies suggest. Another result shows that men who are suffering from erectile problems are more likely to get high blood pressure, high blood fat, and other coronary diseases. The experts from Ageless Men’s Health Clinic recommend checking your cholesterol levels regularly since erectile dysfunction relates to the risk of the heart attack.

Fear of losing independence

One of the most important achievements in man’s life is to be independent. Being self-sufficient means you are strong and powerful. It can get scary when they see their father getting old. That’s the moment when men realize that you’re going to face the same fate.

Every man wants to do things on their own. It is very important to recognize the moment when the real weaknesses appear and men have to adapt to a new situation.

Fear of losing your mind

It looks like men are more likely to develop pre-Alzheimer’s (mild cognitive impairment (MCI)) during their lives than women. But in fact, women have a greater chance of developing the final stage of this disease. This also generates fear since men don’t feel self-confident when it comes to caregiving. Therefore, it is scarier to have a sick partner than getting sick yourself.

The bright side is this: Just one in eight cases of MCI evolves into full-scale dementia. It is good to know that married men have a lesser chance of losing their mind as they age. Alzheimer’s isn’t fully understood yet, but it looks like healthy heart can help you dodge this bullet.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a man in twenties or in sixties, your fears are pretty common. All of them are pretty rational, but you should give your best to keep it that way. It won’t help if you develop anxiety or depression because your body started to change or you can’t do some stuff you used to do. Don’t worry about that, just do the things you enjoy at the pace you find acceptable.