There are a variety of audiences for various types of writing. In order to sell your content, you need to identify the audience that will engage with and share your work. The ten writing tips below will help you to determine your target audience.

Define your target auditory and market niche

Your book could be about an archaeologist who uses an artifact to stop time. Then your content will interest fans of science fiction and those who are history buffs. If the main character is a former Marine, your book will also interest military personnel. Determine who might follow and like your work.

Look for books that inspire millions

Look at books in your genre that are selling, and check the profiles of those books’ main readers or buyers. The desired audience is not always the people you had in mind when you wrote the book. They are also other demographics who might be interested. The Twilight Saga is full of jokes about Bella’s great love for a perfect vampire. A vampire is brighter than Lisa Frank’s stickers. The movie appeals to teenage girls. Its premise involves an everyday, normal girl. A girl who failed into a romantic relationship with a young and handsome man. The appeal also expanded to middle age females who love romance.

Point out what is unique about your story

All writers think highly of their books, but in the end, what matters are the magic words that describe your book when you tell someone what it is about. You need to pinpoint your hook. For instance, you might tell someone you are writing a book about a wizard. One who uses his power to communicate with animals. He uses this power to rescue the dog from dog-napper. One, someone might be wowed by your unusual imagination. Or two, one might think that you took in 101 Dalmatians too much as a kid. Or three, most people will think that your story is more soft-hearted than frightening. So, readers and viewers would be enticed by the mystery of your cozy-type tale. Target those readers who love paranormal stories involving ghosts, witches, and their ilk. Hence it will insert more followers.

Determine some demographics

For instance, your content might comprise a wizard who hunts a hound-heisting criminal. Then the main character is a girl who is eleven years old. She has to keep her little sister studying for her math test. At the same time, she has to stop Cruella DeVille’s doppelganger. This content is for a Middle-Grade novel. Hence, do not target an audience that loves paranormal amateur sleuth tales. Kids aged between 8 and 12 years. Since the main character is girl aged 11 years old, the story will appeal to children who like mysteries. It will also draw kids who love magical characters and those who like animals. The parents of these children can also be your audience.


Your main character has a problem that real people face. He could suffer from AIDS, cancer, schizophrenia, homelessness, or autism. Therefore some of your readers are those who suffer from that disease. They could also be the people who sympathize with such an ailment. An example is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping such people. They could offer you a platform to reach your customer base. Such organizations could sell your book to their members. This is especially if your book has offered guidance and help in dealing with the ailment.


Some contents have settings that explore specific worlds. People will read that book with interest in exploring that world besides the plot. Your book could involve the world in the 20-th century exploring the Navajo reservation. Or the world in the 12th century exploring the Benedictine monastery. For instance, you could write content in the world of horse racing. Your intended audience is, of course, people who love horse racing. You can sell your book to people attending a horse racing event. In the case that your book is about the world of art, your audience is present in art events. A writer should increase regular writing and prepare useful tips and tricks.


Every novel has its life lesson. If you can identify the teaching, then you can know your customers. For instance, your lesson could explain that the simple things in life are the most essential. Then your exact target audience is those people who visit simple living blogs. Your book could guide on the importance of family. Then your clients are those people who visit mommies’ blogs. Visitors will always read helpful freelance content.


Getting your audience to identify with your protagonist is important. It helps in telling a great tale. Your protagonist represents your target market. Hence, your main character could be a college graduate striving to leave a dead-end job. Then millions of people with the same description and life story are your clients. Your protagonist could be a teenager in a high school setting. The character is going through adolescence and heartbreaking relationships. They are involved in drugs and are taken to rehab before they go to college. Your target audiences are millions of American teenagers.


This is the clearest way of identifying your target market. If your book is a great love story filled with heartfelt emotions, then your target audiences are females. Women adore fantasy and drama books. Some detective, Nancy Drew-like stories are also targeted to females. Your book could be filled with great science fiction stories. Then definitely your target audiences are males. Men also enjoy inspiring action stories. Anything that is adrenaline-packed is definitely for the boys. This is inclusive of murder mysteries and horror stories.

Combine the nine tips above to get more insight

And to narrow down your target group. Having multiple target audiences is possible. Create a Venn diagram. With a Venn diagram, you can get to see where the different age groups of audiences overlap. This refines your target groups. This mix of people is your primary target audience.

The above 10 Writing Tips will help you planning and evaluating best options. You can know whether to sell your content to middle-class dads going through a mid-life crisis. You can know whether to sell to young girls who are on the verge of adolescence. You can target your content to people who like ancient times or those who like the ancient England. Such content is likened to books like Lion Heart and Robin Hood. So refine your content to target a large customer base that can generate a lot of traffic or sales for you.