There is an aspect of education that is missing when your childhood is sheltered by four brick walls and a steeple. Inside, all knowledge is filtered by a certain set of rules and expectations, and nothing is allowed to pass through the row of glass doors that does not conform to the road declared to be both narrow and hard to find.

It’s not that my private school education wasn’t excellent. I learned Latin when many kids my age did not, which has many significant advantages that have served me well, including ease in expanding vocabulary and studying certain languages. We read from selected classic literature, Mathematics classes were rigid and rigorous. We were encouraged to read, although our choices were limited by morality. In addition we of course knew the Bible inside and out, at least the approved version and the scriptures that aligned with the culture the church and school were trying to promote, a sure way to dominate certain trivia and Jeopardy categories.

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Christian Education