Guest Post by Krist Ahlers:

It’s hard to believe that Tirgearr Publishing is getting ready to celebrate it’s 5th birthday! And as a gift to you, my titles will be discounted. Check out my backlist! I promise there is something for everyone.

I’ve long had a love affair with Paris. There is simply something about this city that calls to me. When I lived in Belgium, I spent so many weekends in this amazing city. In fact, the last summer we lived there, I spent each weekend there. Yes, each weekend. You don’t know living until you’ve had brie and baguette until you’ve done so in Paris. Yes, it tastes better there. J

I’m also all about trivia so here is a little trivia about one of my favorite places on earth!

  1. The Eiffel Tower is approx. 300-350 mm high
  2. Musée du Louvre started off as a fortress
  3. The Arc de Triomphe is the final resting place of their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  4. Pantheon is the final resting place of Voltaire and Victor Hugo.
  5. Palais Garnier is the opera house Phantom of the Opera is based off of.
  6. Jardin des Tuileries was once the site of a Tile Pit.
  7. Tourists have been touring the sewers of Paris since 1858 thanks to Victor Hugo.

Check out my duet THE TROUBLE WITH PARIS

This collection includes my novellas The Trouble with French Kisses and The Trouble with Pilots.

The Trouble with French Kisses

Who knew that a country with a kiss named after it would consider it illegal to share one.

When Hannah Walsh finds herself being held in a French police station after sharing a passionate kiss with the handsome Damien Jacques, will she be able to ignore her reawakened desires?

Damien must come to terms with the fact that vivacious Hannah has changed the man he thought he was. Born of aristocratic lineage and heir to the award-winning Jacque Vineyards, and descended from French kings, his life as a notorious playboy is about to be put to the test.

Hannah can’t ignore the passion that has sprung up between her and Damien, but is passion enough to bridge the cultural gap of differences between them?

Will they find their happy ending after all?

The Trouble with Pilots

Wedding dress designer Sarah Harper’s best friend is getting married and Sophie has been asked to design the dress. When she discovers it means getting on a plane for Paris, all her flying fears spring to life. But this is for her best friend, Hannah, and the notoriety of designing a dress for the bride of one of France’s nobility is an opportunity Sarah can’t pass up. Even if it means sitting beside an off-duty pilot. Sophie swore off pilots when she left her ex, but her seatmate’s touch and spicy scent makes her forget all about the flight, and her promise. She blames the medication her doctor gave her and her naughty dreams on what happens just before landing. Could she be any more mortified?

Trey Chasen is finally taking some well-deserved time off and uses his friend’s engagement as an excuse to see Paris. At first, Trey lamented the loss of another jet-setter to the arms of a good woman, but he soon feels something is missing in his own life. When he meets his seatmate on the flight to Paris, his interest is instantly sparked, yet not in a way he’s used to. Using her fear of flying as an excuse to soothe her, he discovers he wants to get to know this pixie of a woman better. He just didn’t expect it would be so soon, or during the flight.

When the two realize their destinations are the same, it’s Hannah and Damien who set Sarah and Trey straight about the important things in life. Can Sarah put aside her trouble with pilots to find love? Trey likes is a challenge, and before Sarah returns to the States, he’s going to make sure he proves to her that pilots aren’t trouble but worth loving.

Kristi Ahlers is a flight attendant and a true romantic at heart. You can find her on the web at the following locations.