As a writer, you always hear that writing is writing, whether it is blog posts or articles for magazines, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, or journaling. Typically you need to write about a million words before your stuff stops being crap.

Most of us can testify to that. We’ve spent years writing rough drafts, horrible novels, and poetry to make Walt Whitman swear off the genre and start writing romance novels. Then, gradually mind you, your rough drafts don’t suck quite as bad, and you can spot what is wrong with them, and your re-writes are even better. Your plots are not filled with holes, and your articles flow in a way that makes sense.

You might even write poetry that inspires someone, something that gets shared around your city, your state, or even the world. One of you stories might go “viral”, you books actually sell a large number of copies, and you might make a few bucks and be known by a few people in a limited circle. Hell, it might even get better than that with a little luck and some persistence.

But there are a few quick things you should know before you even start on this journey. If you are going to be a writer, and make anything beyond a hobby out of it, there are a few things I am sure of.

Writing is my Life

I have done other things for a living. But if I neglect my writing, I am be a miserable person, and so are those around me. It is a simple fact: I can’t go for months without writing in any capacity and still keep my mind healthy. Not writing for me means a sort of mental illness will follow close behind.

Writing is my Passion

In every aspect of nearly everything I do, writing is one of the number one things I care about. So I can keep my mental stability, I have to adjust priorities to include family, friends, and work. However, I never feel that the time I spend writing is a waste. Passion drives my words, and that passion soothes my soul, filling me with peace.

Don’t be mistaken, and think writing is my god. Far from it. It is, however, my gift. To not share it with the world would be to neglect my duty as a human being, and would mitigate my contribution to society.

Writing is Empowering

This is not just for me, or for writers in general. Writing as a form of communication and expression can take the weakest soul and give it a voice. That voice can be spread in ways conversation cannot be carries, the spoken word cannot be transmitted.

Writing give power to any message, any individual. That is the power to be truly heard.

Writing has changed my life over and over again. Don’t worry, I’m not going to come knock on your door, and try to reach you with the gospel of grammar.

I’ll just conclude by sharing the fact that writing keeps me well in so many ways. What does writing do for you?