Broken PlacesI’ve long been a follower of Rachel Thompson, a social media and book marketing queen who detests the word guru, is constantly learning, and posts some really great stuff for authors. She is also an author in her own right. She has written about her experiences in Broken Pieces, Broken Places, and coming soon (I believe) Broken People. These books are a collection of stories, essays, and poems chronicling her own journey as a survivor of abuse.

But I have a confession: although I have followed her from some time, I just bought one of her books for the first time the other day. The reason? I perceived them more as books for women, and although I was not the victim of child abuse of any kind (unless you count being raised in a fundamental Baptist church, arguable), I have been around many who have, including my first ex-wife. It’s something I almost hate talking about. But that brings me to my current experience: a second divorce, and what I am calling a brutal healing process.

During this time, I read one of Rachel’s blog posts that really spoke to me at the same time I wrote “Letting Go,” about my own journey, to much criticism and praise. It was titled “What Happens When You Walk Through Fire.” The feelings expressed were so similar to mine, I could not read it without a pile of emotion. In fact, I have re-read it several times.

I also constantly read Rachel’s wall, where I found quotes from Broken Places, quotes that spoke to me in a unique way, as a man, damaged by a recent broken relationship, yet on the way to a new kind of healing. Over and over. I shared the quotes. Re-read them. And then bought the book they come from.

And I was not disappointed at all. The book is excellent, every page holding a gem. It’s not a sit down and read this in one sitting book, like the thrillers I write. It is an old friend, newly discovered, that you can revisit whenever you feel the need, or the desire.

Not only do I give this book, and the author, a thumbs up on a number of levels, but I recommend it to you, if you have ever been damaged in any way at all.

“Damaged people recognize other damaged people, and we let you in. We are kindred.” ~ Rachel Thompson, Broken Places

Thanks Rachel, for sharing your stories, your feelings, your passion, and for helping me along my journey.

You can find the book on Amazon here, along with my review.