Good AdviceI’m a thriller writer, and a pretty good one if I do say so myself. And sometimes I do, until I actually read people’s reviews of my work. Then I realize maybe I am a hack after all, and should go apply for a job stocking shelves somewhere that rhymes with All Smart. Or I could greet customers.

So although I often offer advice in my blog, you really shouldn’t take it all that seriously, unless it is how to poison someone, or the forensic ability (or lack thereof) of small, local jurisdictions. Areas where I am qualified to give advice include weapons and their use, unusual murder methods, ways to scare someone to death, and the proper grammatical usage of most profanity, although most four letter words can work as several parts of speech. Perhaps a blog post is warranted on that another day.

The one thing I find most horror and thriller writers have in common is a fairly robust sense of humor. That and a lust for whiskey. Most of us can cook too, although you may not want to ask the question: “What’s in it?” So what does any of that have to do with being a hypocrite?

Well, I can certainly offer you advice, but that doesn’t mean I am any good at taking it. Nor does it mean I am any better than you in the area where I am giving advice. It just means I have made plenty of dumb mistakes myself, might still be making them, and so it is easy for me to see where you are going wrong.

I’m going to try this year to keep things a little lighter here on the blog. And to offer you an insight into my world, and advice you can really use (like the right software for authors, the right sites for readers to find great authors, and the best whiskey to pair with what foods). I hope you will join me for a little bit of levity this year.

After all, what else am I good for besides a laugh or two? Well, I hope something, but only time will tell.

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  1. I have received some valuable info from you in these past few years. I spent sixty years without giving much sway to mentors. I decided to lay that posturing aside and see what I could learn from authors/editors. You have topped the heap in those I have drawn from. So, thank you.
    I hope I have reached a place where I can do some sharing in this brave new world of publishing; none of it will be profound – or even novel (love puns). Rather, I think by sharing we allow others to realize they are not alone.

    1. Thanks so much. It is an honor to do the stuff I do, and to share with others. I learned a ton the hard way, and one of the reasons I share is so others do not have to endure what I did, and also so I can continue to learn from others. I really appreciate you joining me on the journey.

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