stopglorifybusyIt is time to stop glorifying busy. I have said so several times in the past year and a half. So I’m not making a new resolution, but just offering up some food for thought as I end my “staycation” over the holidays, one I used to some planning for next year, and…

Yeah, I confess. I worked too. It was too easy. I was at home, which is also where my office is, and a few things just “came up.” If you know me, you know I am a workaholic. But one of the things I did do was limit my hours. I also decided on a fitness plan, something I have lacked for about the last year, and it shows. So going forward, I will be changing some things. If you have done business with me before, or will again, I may be referring clients to this blog post often.

I’m going to take better care of myself. I did a piss-poor job of this a few times throughout the year. It didn’t help anyone, because if I am not doing well, there is little likelihood I can help you succeed. And I need to be healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally. The balance makes me better at everything I do.

saynoI may tell you “no” more often. This is something everyone I know needs to get better at. Everything you are offered is not an opportunity. Sometimes a task is a distraction. More than once this year, I said “yes” when I should have said “no.” So it’s not personal, but I have a goal to keep my hours reasonable, my tasks manageable. It might be timing or any number of reasons, but if I tell you know, realize it isn’t personal. I’m just trying to stay focused and healthy.

I’m going to limit my business hours. If you call or text, and it is business related, outside of set hours, you may not hear back from me as soon as you would like. I’m an early riser, but I probably won’t be answering your e-mail at 5 a.m. Or 9 p.m. I disciplined myself earlier this year this way for a while, and it worked really well. Of course, then I fell off the wagon into workaholic land again. If you want to talk about business after 5 p.m., you better have made arrangements ahead of time. Otherwise, I will talk to you sometime the next day. I will make exceptions, for good reasons, but won’t do it all the time.

I’m focusing on my writing and editing. In the ideal world, these are the only two things I would do, all day long. In the real world, I do research, teach, consult with museums, and many other things. They all help pay the bills, so I can keep working at home. But I may not add much this year. In fact, the idea in the long run is to cut some things out entirely.

So why am I putting this blog post out there, first thing of the year? Well, it will keep me accountable. To myself and those around me. It will also serve as a reminder, to those who want to step over boundaries. I can always refer them to this post. This is how things will work. And I can read it myself. As a reminder.

Whatever you are doing this year, resolve to be healthy. Take care of yourself. And stop glorifying busy.