SAM_3500I usually blog on Monday’s and take part in Monday blogs I didn’t yesterday, but I have the best excuse ever: Vacation. I know, writers don’t really get vacations, and in that way this one has been no exception. I’ve written, filed away ideas, and even answered some e-mail. Obsess much? No, not me! But I digress. This week has been one of the best for me in a long time.

Recharge. There is nothing like a creative break to help you get back on track, especially when you know you are burning out. Not on writing, mind you, or on editing, which I love to do, especially for Tirgearr Publishing. They rock, in many ways. But the administrative side of writing, the interaction with other people, while endurable on one hand and mostly enjoyable on the other, both wear on my muse. So I needed just not to do them for a few days. I can only imagine that others are the same.

Reset priorities. For the last six months I have found myself often running around, doing things that while good, take away from my overall business plan and mission. I found myself needing to decide, and quickly, what was important and what was a distraction, something built into my original ideas, but one I have not followed well. It’s time to reset that, and get back to the basics: writing, editing, and reducing the time I spend on much of the rest.

SAM_3527Reconnect. I have an entire side of my family that I knew, until recently, little or nothing about. Part of that lack has shaped my ideas of what, exactly, family is. Well this week, I got to reconnect with a cousin, the greatest one ever, and her husband and daughter. It has been fantastic for me.

Not only that, but in the places I visited, I have reconnected to history, one of the things I love the most. I have come to realize once again how young the history of the West (where I reside) is compared to the Eastern United States. I may have to come back. For a month or two.

So how has your week been? Even if you are at home, I hope you have done some of the three things above. I know I will be focusing on them more. My muse is thanking me for it.

Good thing, because NaNoWriMo starts Saturday.