old-idaho-penitentiary-9_400Last night at the Old Penitentiary, I expected a typical author shoot. A few head shots with different poses, then a group shot for a collaborative group of authors launching soon, The Seven. (Follow #TheSeven for more details coming soon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). In my experience, these things usually take maybe half an hour, a little more. You get some really solid shots, and even I look good. But it couldn’t be that spectacular, could it?

Enter Don Johnson of Arrowrock Photography, and a crew (did I say crew? Yes I did) of photographers, cameras, helpers, armed with reflectors, sun blocker thingamajigs, and all kinds of creative ideas. We write. He expresses creativity through images.

Not only did he shoot the shots we needed, he added even more, including some great shots of myself and Marlie Harris, my photogenic co-author on the recent release, Into the Darkness, fist in the Ridge Falls series. (Like us on Facebook here)

The experience was a pleasure, but so much more. Obsessed with getting “the shot,” and far exceeding our expectations, we got way more than I expected, or I think any of us did. Thanks to Noreen Brisson,Rochelle CunninghamLoni TownsendCathy Behm ValentiMarlie Harris, and Sherry Briscoe for being a part of this amazing group! Can’t wait to see photos?

Too bad. And by the way, what’s The Seven, and what are we up to?

Well, I’m not telling you that either. Not yet. Stay tuned.