coppedSo often, fear rules our lives. But it does not rule as much as hinder. Fear is often fed by society. We are told to make a living before we pursue our dreams, because we fear poverty, even homelessness, so we must save for a rainy day, plan for retirement, because when something goes wrong, not if, we must be prepared, right?

My experience is if you prepare for the worst, you will receive the worst. After all, it is what you expect. I freely admit, I have trust issues with people I do not know, or even those I know a little. They seem okay, but there is that part of nagging suspicion at the back of my head. What is their motive? Why are they being nice?

Where does that come from? Fear.

When the new Blue October album came out, I fell in love with the song “Fear.” One of my favorite lines is: “I used to fall, now I get back up.” So last night, at their concert here in Boise, I bought two things: Justin Furstenfeld’s book, Crazy Making, and a t-shirt that says “Fear” on the front, and has my favorite line on the back.

The concert was a great set: hits old and new, not a few with real meaning for my wife and me. “She’s My Ride Home” was our anthem when we got back together after we separated for a short time, because no one believed in us but us. “Congratulations” touches me every time.

When Justin announced the song “Fear” by telling us it was his favorite on the new album Sway, I fell onto my stool. Tears welled in my eyes as he sang. Then later in the evening, my wife and I shared a tender moment as they played the song “Broken.” Because we’re not broken any more, either one of us.

We are at a good place in our marriage and our lives. It has not been easy to get here. Fear, often induced by others and taken on by us, has created challenges in our lives. We’ve overcome some huge ones. Everyone has them, but you can overcome yours too, by conquering and putting aside Fear.

I used to fall, and now I get back up. And I’m not Broken Any More. Thanks Blue October, and countless other musicians, for being there for us, creating music we can relate to, and changing our lives.