Every year, writers write these things, like a bulk Christmas card, and fans go yeah, yeah, yeah. Get back to writing books already. And you’re right. The Thank You letters are overdone, but this one is different, I promise.

Thanks to the fans: I do love you guys, and in those moments when I want to wipe the hard drive, go sell lattes at the local coffee shack, or sign up to greet shoppers at Walmart and attempt to ignore the fact I am a writer, you guys and your comments, letters, and reviews keep me from doing that. My wife, children, and the shoppers I would victimize at Walmart all send along their warmest wishes.

Thanks to the critics: This post is mostly for you. Those who criticize my work, whether constructively or otherwise, and those who doubt my ability, and even those who fail to acknowledge that writing is a legitimate occupation, I want to say thanks.

There is no such thing as negative feedback. Feedback is feedback, and usually I can tell if you just don’t like something I have written because of the subject or because some portion of it offends you. Maybe you don’t like my writing style. Maybe, though, you have a legitimate point. I received some negative feedback on Temptation, and the end of the year, after writing two more novels, saw me go back and do an edit, while at the same time re-releasing it and Redemption with new covers (see them here) Response has been great, and I’m glad I did it.

The negative turns positive. I take feedback with a grain of salt, but I do take it, and use it. Critics do a ton to make my writing and work better. Constructive critics are the best, because they give you something to build on. But the rest of you? Sometimes it is not bad to be torn down. Something new and better will rise in the place of the old.

So long-time or new fans, early and late critics, thanks for liking me, hating me, reviewing my work, both good and bad. Next year will be exciting, with new books, new content, and a new direction. Stay tuned all. I’ll need the critique to get me grounded.

Happy Holidays, and a blessed New Year.