Why did I re-edit Temptation? I know, I am the guy who always says write the next book, don’t re-write your first one. We could all keep revising our first works until we have them perfect. Of course, by then they will not be perfect, nor will we have written anything else. We will have killed our muse.

But a fan and a cover designer offered to make new covers for Redemption and Temptation to promote branding and to help improve sales. Show Natalie Collins some love, and if you need covers, let me know and I will help you get in touch with her. Knowing that Temptation needed some edits, I took the opportunity. How bad were they?

Let’s just say that not every editor you hire is a pro. Like many others, I fell victim to this pitfall of self-publishing. There was no one to blame but me.

The story also needed tightening in places, some wording was … well, just poor. Also I am writing the sequel now, so it was a good thing to revisit the story and the series: remind myself why I love these characters so much.

That being said, the series is ending. Confession, my WIP will be the final. Things come full circle. Church, prison, and answers. He’s found Redemption, faced Temptation, and now it is time for Sam to discover his past. Confession, coming early 2014. Watch the video trailer for the series below. Thanks for watching, following and reading.