I have a Facebook Event! We are celebrating the re-release of Redemption and Temptation. Are you part of it? You may find some of the answers you are looking for here. 

What the hell is that? Well, I have no clue, but it sounded like fun, so I jumped in. Part of the fun is author trivia, so this post is your landing zone: start here, and you may find the answers (and prizes) you are looking for. Not the droids, the prizes!

My current labor of love is a fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital. Half or the royalties from my story “The Angel” in Happily Ever Afterlife published by Untold Press gets donated. We also have t-shirts for sale. If you click here, you can donate directly. So what inspired the story? Read here.

I’m finishing up a novel titled Confession. It is the third in the Samuel Elijah Johnson series. The first two books will be re-released next Wednesday November 27th, just prior to Thanksgiving. Something happens on Thanksgiving every few years. If you are friends with me check out my Facebook profile here. We aren’t friends yet? Send me a request, and like my author page here.

The first two novels have brand new covers. They were designed by a fan, Natalie Collins and are designed to improve series branding. Follow this link to see the old and new covers side by side.

Recently I wrote a standalone novel not related to this series, titled Stray Ally. A strange accident on the freeway, accusations of murder, and an encounter in the Idaho wilderness all propel Todd Clarke into a new friendship with a dog named Sparky. But Sparky is no ordinary dog, and there is more going on than he could have imagined. A military commander he once investigated for Aryan activity and links to domestic terrorism is after him, and he’s not sure why until another chance encounter gives him the answer.

With Sparky and the help of a few friends will he be able to figure out the Colonel’s plan and stop him in time? All Clarke knows for sure it that none of it would be possible without the help of his Stray Ally.

This novel will be published next spring by Tirgearr Publishing.

I am not just an author. I also work as an editor. I work for Tirgearr as Senior Editor, and will be the managing editor for a series coming next year. It’s an erotic romance genre. What’s the difference between erotica and erotic romance? The focus on character development and story of course. You will have to stay tuned for the details coming soon!

Until recently, I worked at a museum, designing exhibits, doing archival work, digitization of records, and many other duties. Click here to like the museum on Facebook, and find out the area I lived in before moving to Boise. I still do research for the museum, and am writing and producing a documentary for them this year. Watch the trailer here.

I love music: listening to it while I write and edit. I listen to a wide range. I used to play several instruments. I learned piano as a kid, moved on to the saxophone in high school, and even attempted to learn guitar when I was in college at Boise State University. I wasn’t any good.

I can dance though. And I do like to play the air drums. My favorite albums to air drum to this year are; Blue October Sway and Daft Punk Random Access Memories. Want to see a video of me air drumming? Well, okay. If I must. Click here. Just kidding. Click here.

My wife’s hobbies include playing an instrument and photography. Recently we combined the two to create and image that Natalie used for the rear cover of the print version of Temptation. See that image here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the Event.  Did you win?

Links to Troy’s other work: Broken Bones on  Smashwords, Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. Redemption on Smashwords or Amazon. Temptation on Smashwords or Amazon. They are both coming soon to Nook and Kobo. Satanarium (co-authored with Poppet) hereDragonthologyTwisted Tales , Happily Ever Afterlife, Twist of Fate, , and EFD 1.