Author Editing Services

Experienced, Reliable, and Genre Specific Editing

So here is the deal: I’ve edited over 40 full-length novels in a variety of genres and even non-fiction. But as my career has evolved, I don’t do as much editing as I used to, so my schedule is pretty full.

However, even if I can’t help you for whatever reason, I can refer you to someone who can. You have two options: you can book a free 15-minute editing consultation. I’m happy to hear (briefly) about your project and talk about what the next steps are, including referrals if need be. 

Or you can book a longer consultation if you feel you need more help or information. These last for one hour, and are charged at my normal freelance rate of $75. We can talk through your idea, manuscript evaluations, and what your next steps should be depending on your path to publication. 

Whatever you choose is up to you. Check out the options below. The link takes you to my calendar, where you can see what times are available. Whether you choose to talk to me or another editor, best of luck in your author journey!