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Books 11-15 in the Capital City Murders Series, all in one volume.

Over 10 hours of audio, five full mysteries, and all you need is a single Audible credit. Not a member of Audible yet? Now is your chance to jump in with some great offers. Click the button below, and start listening now!

Buried in Boise Audio

Terminated in Topeka

Nick O’Flannigan and Sandra Watson, freelance photographers on assignment for Travel USA magazine, stumble upon a mystery when they visit a local brewery. A bartender reveals that her ex-girlfriend, a journalist, was recently murdered and she is the prime suspect.

The Ultimate Dilemma

As they investigate and work to fulfill their assignment at the same time, Nick learns that his father’s precarious health is declining. He’s faced with the toughest decision of his life: continue his assignment or return home to care for his parents. At the same time, Sandra is drawn further into the investigation and discovers a vital clue.

The Shocking Truth

What follows is a gripping and suspenseful story, a shocking twist, and an emotional journey of self-discovery that changes everything.

Start listening today! You’ll be on the edge of your seat until the bitter end.

Branded Audio

South by Southwest

From Salt Lake to Oklahoma, Nick’s job only gets harder.

He’s found a serial killer, been poisoned, stung, threatened, and even witnessed a horrible crime. And now Sandra has joined him on his journey again.

Over 10 hours of thrilling mysteries!

Nick just can’t stay away from trouble. Follow his adventures in the next five novellas of this incredible series.

Branded Audio

Nick risks it all!

A robber is dead, and a young woman stands accused.

Not only a witness, but Nick is also a victim, and he’ll need help to keep his assignment on track. His girlfriend Sandra answers the call, but a personal interest draws her into the investigation when the thief’s death turns out to be an overdose.

A Satanic Priest faces off with a televangelist, and both may even be suspects.

Was this an accident? Where did the drugs come from? How did the victim get them? The questions point to one answer, but there is something missing. The key lies in Nick’s memory and a single photo.

But will anyone believe him?

He has a concussion. He’s behind on his assignment. And even Sandra thinks this time, he may be wrong. Will he convince them of what he knows to be true? Or has his hunch finally led him down the wrong path? 

Stung in Santa Fe Audio

A Break would be Music to Nick’s Ears

Nick O’Flannigan needs a break.

The Austin music scene is just the ticket, and throwing in a little recreation seems like a good idea. But a local musicican has been killed, and a new friend of Nick’s wants his help. However, the police have warned him off the case, and he really doesn’t want to be involved.

One Step Back

But something is wrong. There’s a critical clue, a footprint at the scene, and only Nick seems to suspect it means something more. Will his insight save the day, or will he find himself once again in deep trouble? 

From a deep mystery, some great music, and the gritty atmosphere of Austin, Texas, you won’t want to miss this travel murder mystery, the next in the Capital City Murders Series.


Stung in Santa Fe Audio

Stung In Santa Fe is Buzzing!

Nick gets Stung in Santa Fe.

While on his year long assignment to photograph every state capitol building for Travel USAmagazine, Nick O’Flannigan gest stung by a wasp. But he isn’t the only one. A strange death, ruled an accident, happened at a lab researching a vaccine for bee and wasp stings. Nick feels like there is something wrong. It doesn’t feel like an accident.

He doesn’t want to get involved.

When a small detail in a photo stands out, he just can’t shake the feeling that there is a killer on the loose, and he needs to be brought to justice. but will the evidence be enough to convince anyone that he’s right? Or will Nick once again find himself in the middle of a mystery he has no business being involved in?

If you love the Lord Peter Wimsey series, you’ll love Capital City Murders!


Stung in Santa Fe Audio

Poisoned In Phoenix

The heat is on!

There’s been a mysterious drowning in Phoenix, but nothing terribly unusual. Teens, a pool party with drugs and alcohol. But Nick meets the aunt of the victim and is unwittingly drawn into the investigation. Because this is more than an accident. It’s murder. 

“Suspense at its best”

“The capital city murders series just gets better and better.”

A sunburn becomes so much more. 

A private investigator, a trip of his own, and an odd list of suspects draws Nick deeper into an investigation he is trying to avoid. But what he discovers will force him to take action, one way or the other. Will Nick get in the way of law enforcement, or will his eye for detail once again help solve the case? Find out in this compelling travel mystery today!


Branded Audio

Silenced in Salt Lake

Silence may be golden, but it can also be deadly.

Nick O’Flannigan, a freelance photographer on a year-long assignment, is headed for Salt Lake City where there has been a recent series of murders. The Salt Lake Silencer is at large. But Nick has a new determination to stay out of mysteries. His involvement in a case in Denver nearly cost him his job and his new relationship.

An emergency dental procedure puts him unwillingly in the role of a potential witness.

Both he and the police think they know who the murderer is. When another victim turns up they realize they could be wrong. Dead wrong.

Will Nick stay on track with his assignment? Or will he once again be propelled into the limelight and risk his job and his relationship? You won’t know the answer until the chilling ending. Check out this, and the rest of the Capital City Murders Series today!

Branded Audio

The Nick of Time

Audiobooks 6-10 in the Capital City Murders Series!

Fram friending a hangman in Helena to witnessing Defenestration in Denver, Nick has had quite the adventure in five short weeks. Find out just what he’s been up to, and the future of his assignment.

Nearly 10 hours of audio!

From novella to novella, you won’t want to stop listening to this fabulous series until you learn the final outcome in Denver. And there’s more! The audiobook series continues with individual books or the next compilation, South by Southwest!

Branded Audio

Defenestration in Denver

They pushed them from the window, and Nick saw it all. 

He even took photos. On his way to the airport to pick up his friends visiting him on his trip around the country to photograph every state capitol building, a protest in Denver turned violent. The police question him, the media becomes involved, and Nick is again in the middle of a mystery against his will.

His girlfriend is visiting too.

At the same time, his relationship with his long-distance girlfriend Sandra is visiting him in Denver along with the friend from Seattle who got him the assignment in the first place. To spend time with them, he needs to get himself out of this mystery.

But his photos hold a clue to the perpetrators, but he has no idea who he can trust, and the media and the police no longer trust him. Will he be able to convince them in time, and still complete his assignment? You won’t be able to stop until the heart-wrenching ending.

Branded Audio

Carnage in Cheyenne


Beautiful wedding dresses. Too bad about all that blood.

Nick O’Flannigan, an unwilling amateur sleuth and a freelance photographer traveling to every single state capital to take photos for a magazine, keeps ending up in the middle of mystery after mystery. In Cheyenne, several months before his arrival, an odd shooting took place in a bridal shop. Three models were killed on Halloween, and the case still remains unsolved.

“Great series.” –M. Bentley

He’s starting to like the thrill of solving crime, and when he hears of a cold case in Cheyenne, he decides to offer his expertise. But this one is a real puzzle. The clues lead nowhere. Police have covered all the angles, or so it seems. Until Nick uncovers one critical detail. Will that detail lead to the capture of a killer? Or will Nick send authorities down the wrong path?

Find out in this travel murder mystery that will have you guessing until the very end! If you love Chase Baker, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan too. Buy your copy today!

Branded Audio

Listen to a sample from Carnage in Cheyenne today!

Parricide in Pierre


A birthday celebration ended in tragedy.

In Pierre, murder is as rare as a visit from a photographer like amateur sleuth Nick O’Flannigan. When both happen at the same time, Nick is welcomed as much for his coverage of the small town as for his photography skills. Local officials entice him to help them with some crime scene photography.

What at first seems to be a burglary gone wrong turns out to be something else, and a mysterious stranger may hold the key to the mystery. Can Nick get to him in time, and will the boy share his secrets?

“Suspense and drama. The best so far.” –K. Jay

With an editor on his back to stay out of the news, local authorities who don’t believe him, and a surprise twist, you won’t want to miss this continuation of the compelling Capital City Murders series. If you love the Spenser series, you will love Nick O’Flannigan. Check out this travel mystery today!

Branded Audio

Listen to a sample from Parricide in Pierre today!

Branded in Bismarck

When in cowboy country, sometimes cowboy games go wrong. 

Nick arrives in Bismarck determined to focus on his photography assignment this time. But there’s been a death in Bismarck. At first glance, it seems like an accident. But Nick spots something odd. The young man who passed away appeared to be healthy. What could have gone wrong? 

Nick is torn between his desire to help and his obligation to the magazine and the reason for his trip. Will he be able to do both, and still stick with his deadline? Only time will tell. 

“An inciteful story that pulls the reader in!” –Belinda Wilson

If you love Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan and the Capital City Murders Series. Buy Branded in Bismarck and catch up with Nick’s journey today!

Branded Audio

Listen to a sample from Branded in Bismarck today!

Hanging in Helena

This time it’s more personal than ever. 

Nick O’Flannigan suspects that his time in the small town of Helena will be one of relaxation and reflection, even time to think about the future. A rare murder, a hanging in a park outside of town piques his interest though. The only real clue is in a photograph he took on a short hike. 

But he’s found a new friend, a stranger he feels oddly connected to. The more often they run into each other, the deeper their conversations go. But a nagging suspicion in the back of his mind tells Nick something isn’t right here. 

“Another fun mystery.” –J. Johnson

The police finally have a real lead. Nick finds himself closer, and more involved with the solution than he ever wanted to be. The twist will have you screaming at the pages as you read. 

A combination of coming of age and a harrowing thriller, you won’t want to miss the final justice of this murder mystery. Buy your copy of the Capital City Murders series today! 

Buried in Boise Audio

The Wicked West

The first five books in the Capital City Murders Series, all in one volume.

Nearly 10 hours of audio, five full mysteries, and all you need is a single Audible credit. Not a member of Audible yet? Now is your chance to jump in with some great offers. Click the button below, and start listening now!

From Overdoses in Olympia to Slaying in Salem, from a Strangling in Sacramento to Carson City and a Burial in Boise, Nick can’t escape mystery after mystery. Join him, and listen to his travels as he moves around the country and discovers that murder…

Murder really is a capital crime!

Buried in Boise Audio

Buried in Boise

Motive, means, and opportunity?

An old classmate from his days at Boston College lived in Boise, and now she’s been missing for over a year. Her husband seems like the perfect suspect, but Nick O’Flannigan, a photographer turned amateur sleuth wants to know one thing: why?

“A GREEN THUMBs up from me.” –Bestselling Author Laurie Buchanan

Able to visit their home during a yearly event, Nick takes some photos, and spots a clue, something no one has mentioned anywhere in the media. Will the clue lead to a guilty widower like he thinks? Or will the answer come from an unexpected direction?

Nick’s skills and his time dedicated to his assignment will be stretched in his latest adventure. Start reading today and get caught up with this compelling travel adventure series.

Buried in Boise Audio

deCapitated in Carson City

A severed head in an alley can’t be ignored. 

Nick O’Flannigan, amateur sleuth and photographer, arrives in Carson City wanting to avoid a mystery and the limelight. But when he sees a clue that could lead to the killer, he can’t help but get involved. 

A single photograph will make all the difference. However, Nick finds it harder than ever to convince the police to pay attention to him. The final solution will take him closer to murder than he could’ve imagined. Will he keep his keen eye on his assignment at the same time?

“Irresistible.” –Margaret B.

If you love Lady Hardcastle, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan in this thrilling travel murder mystery. Grab your copy and catch up with Nick today!

deCapitated in Carson City Audio

Listen to a sample from deCapitated in Carson City Here!

Strangled In Sacramento

Nick arrived in Sacramento, only to have his camera stolen.

A disaster for a freelance photographer on assignment to photograph every state capital for Travel USA magazine, Nick uses his amateur sleuth skills and his eye for detail to find the thief. But it turns out his camera theft spirals him into involvement with another mystery.

He turns to a friend, Sandra, who he just met in Salem for help with his assignment, and it turns out they share a lot of interests. There is a spark there, but he can’t afford to get caught up in a romance.

“Quick read but a twisty mystery.” –Vicki May

The pursuit of his camera leads to a deeper mystery, part of a series of murders. The investigation puts them in the path of the killer. Will they find Nick’s camera and catch the strangler at the same time?

You won’t be able to put down this episode of the Capital City Murders until the very end. Buy your copy and catch up with Nick and his adventures today!

Listen to a sample from Strangled in Sacramento Here!

Slaying in Salem

A former site of horror and death is the scene of a new murder. 

Nick O’Flannigan, freelance photographer and amateur sleuth, arrives in Salem only to discover another crime. The police have a man in custody, but one small clue tells Nick what no one else wants to acknowledge: they’ve got the wrong guy.

With the help of a local reporter who’s also his buddy from college, Nick investigates. Will his clues lead him too close to the murderer and put both his life and his assignment in danger?

“Curiosity gets the best of Nick, and the old mental hospital is really creepy!” –Audrey

Against disinterested police and an editor who wants him to stay focused on his assignment, will Nick beat the odds and solve the case? If you love Jake Longly, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan. Catch up with Nick in this second novella in the compelling Capital City Murders series!

Overdose on Audio!

Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment. 

But when he arrives in Olympia, he learns that there have been two overdoses in hospitals in the last week, both seemingly connected. With his keen eye for detail, he notices something in the photos that no one else sees. 

But how will he, an out of town photographer and amateur sleuth, get that information to the right authorities before another patient dies?

“A good whodunnit read.” John Hussar

You won’t find the answer until the very end of this powerful page-turner of a travel mystery. If you love Jack McEvoy, you’ll love this debut in the Capital City Murders series!

Listen to a Sample of Overdoses in Olympia Here!

by Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson

“I’m enjoying the journey across the country with Nick and his camera, finding dead bodies and solving crimes. 50 Capitals. 50 Murders. 50 Months. I’ll be with Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson as they explore each state capital in this fun series of novella mysteries, each one the perfect size for an evening’s read”

Bruce Delaney

Co-Owner, Rediscovered Books

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