What the Hell Did I Just Read

Coming in May!

Thirteen Short Stories Two Great Minds, One Mind-Blowing Read

Do you see dead people? Is your therapist the crazy one? Do all your dreams come true? Was your childhood in some way unusual? Does the weather mirror your mood? Did you latest assassination job not turn out the way you expected?

In this collection, you’ll find thirteen short stories, each one with a unique twist. There are endings you won’t see coming, and some that—well, you’ll wonder out loud—

“What the hell did I just read?”

Jake Randall was trying to escape evil. 

But when he arrives at his new home in Oregon, he discovers he has a story he just has to write. He starts typing away on his old Royal typewriter. But when things start to go wrong with it, he has to get it fixed. Because he can’t seem to write it any other way. 

A new shop appears in town, just when he needs it most. 

The proprietor is an odd man, but Jake needs him. Because he knows the story he is writing may be the best he has ever written. What he doesn’t know is that it may be his last. 

“There are times when I sit down, ready to write, with no idea what words might begin the story. It’s like an itch in the mind. Words are the only cure, calamine lotion for the desire to create.” –Jake Randall

Star Trek changed the world.

The show started with a vision, the concepts of peaceful exploration, a society without much need for money, a post-scarcity world where humanity had improved, grown beyond our selfish impulses. 

Star Trek inspired a generation of fans, who advocated for it in brand-new ways. 

And there was plenty to love. From the impulsive Captain Kirk to the measured leadership of Captain Picard. 

The world changed Star Trek

As we journeyed from the sixties to the eighties, nineties, and beyond, Star Trek evolved as well, with a new generation of actors, directors, and ideas. From The Next Generation to Discovery, from Star Trek: The Animated Series to Lower Decks and Prodigy, we saw new takes on characters like Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, and the introduction of new and exciting characters as well, all displaying values of their own. 

We moved from Old Trek to a revival and New Trek, and we are on the precipice of even more Star Trek with new movies and series ready for release and in production. There’s never been a better time to be a Trekkie. 

Or has there? Fans disagree on many aspects of Trek, maybe even this one. 

The Tao of Trek

But unlike a static philosophy, the Tao of Trek, the philosophy behind the series, books, and movies, at first originated with Roddenberry. Those principles, like the world, have evolved and changed. 

We want to explore how Trek has changed the world, how the world has changed it, and how we, as Trekkies should respond. 

Join us, as we boldly go.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. 

And that’s exactly where Alonso Quixana is headed. At the behest of a special division of the Vatican, he’s been charged with investigating an unconventional invasion in Spain. People might think he is crazy for tilting at windmills, but he isn’t.

The windmills really are monsters.

They’re killing cattle, destroying villages, and terrifying peasants. With the help of his sidekick Sancho Panzo and his new friend Dora, Alonso, operating under the alias Don Quixote, will have to take them on. Will he defeat the windmills and return
the plains of Spain to their once peaceful existence? 

You won’t be able to stop reading this laugh out loud retelling of the classic tale until the very last page.

Man’s best friend can also be his greatest ally.

Todd Clarke is no innocent, but when a strange accident on the freeway leaves him accused of murder and running for his life, he finds an unlikely friend in the form of a dog, Sparky.

But Sparky is no ordinary dog—he is the key to unraveling a terrifying conspiracy and uncovering a sinister assassination plot of a candidate for governor. With the help of Sparky and his canine friends, Todd must find the truth and put a stop to the plan before it’s too late.

Sometimes the Dog Saves the Man

Can Todd be successful in his mission with the help of his Stray Ally? Find out in this pulse-pounding military thriller, Dog Complex!

“I literally could not put it down.” Amazon Reviewer

A poor boy tends a flower garden in an empty lot in the center of his city. But he is destined for so much more. Abel will tend the gardens of heaven itself, but that will only be the beginning of his journey.

Based on the lesser known Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Angel which is in turn based on his poem “The Dying Child,” this story will move and inspire you.