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A note for you here: some of the links on this page are either affiliate or Amazon associate links that mean I get paid a little bit every time you click on one and buy something. But you will notice that many of them are not. 

I recommend each of these books or products because I use them myself, and recommend them whether I get paid or not. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get plotting. The resources will change over time, and they are in sections so you can easily scroll and reference what you need. 

NEW: I’ve added some Useful Plottr Screenshots on a separate page. Click here, and it will open for you in a new window. That way you don’t lose your place here, and you can look them over as you read through the book! Check it out. 

Books on Plot Structure

These are books that talk about different story structures and the methods to use them. Many of them are also templates in Plottr. The link to that and other kinds of software I use are found below in another section. 

Adapted from the famous screenplay method, this is a great way to create a story. 

Used by many writers, this method gives you a good guide to beats, and when certain things should happen in your story.

Are you a discovery writer? Then this book is a great place for you to start learning to outline your books and write faster. 

Are you an intellectual who wants to discover the science behind story? (I am). Then this is a great resource for you.

Outlining and Plotting Software

This one, as I stated many times in the book and beyond, is one of my favorite outlining tools ever. It’s a visual way to outline, using timelines, character and setting profiles, and more. 

The software offers a home for all of your research and the data you need to stay on track as you write your masterpiece. Check it out today. There is a free trial, too. 

Yes, you can plot in Scrivener. While I prefer to do my plotting in Plottr and then import to Scrivener, some people prefer to do the whole process in Scrivener. Yes, this is a little more complicated to learn, but this is great software, and I use it all the time.

I use it primarily for fiction writing, but you can certainly explore the way that works best for you. It also comes with a free trial period.

This could go under books as well because the creator has a great deal. If you own his book, you get the software free. And these outlines can be imported into Plottr too. 

This is a truly revolutionary plotting method and has transformed the way many authors create their books. I would highly recommend the book, checking out the software, and seeing how well this fits with your writing style and the way you think. 

It may be a key to writing better stories faster. 

Writing Great Characters


A new way to connect readers and authors

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Writing Great Openings

You only get one chance to write your opening, drag the reader into your story and make a great first impression. Here are some great books on getting started right. 


Writing through the Middle


Writing Great Endings

Writing Inspiration and Motivation

Look, we all have hard days, but if you are going to write professionally, you need to power through, or sometimes you just need to take a break. There are some books that help you do just that, Here are a few of them, some I have discovered recently. 

The Shape of Stories

More Resources Coming Soon!

This is far from a comprehensive list of resources about plotting. I will be adding more all the time, largely based on what you guys want to see. But this should get you started. Feel free to contact me using the form below with your favorites or other ideas.