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GUEST POST: The Importance of Mastering Relaxation for Solopreneurs

Guest contributor Sarah Jones is the Editor of Relax Everyday, where she writes about relaxation, wellness, and general well-being. Solopreneur, entrepreneur, self-employed, small business owner, however you refer to yourself these days, there are so many reasons that people are choosing to become their own boss. It is a great way to take control of your income and happiness; to do something you are passionate about. Whatever your endeavors are as a solopreneur, it takes a great degree of focus and work ethic to live up to our self-imposed standards. According to an Empirical Studies of Self-Employment, self-employment rates all...

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Degrees That Work for Freelancers

Many freelance writers have the mentality of lifelong learners. In fact, it is almost a job requirement. However, that does not always mean college. When it does, it is often difficult to decide exactly what degree to pursue. Fortunately, there are many degrees out there that actually benefit freelancers more than just putting some new letters beside your name. Whether a degree will actually work for you — and by “work for you” I mean offer you a reasonable return on your investment — you need to answer a few simple questions. You need to look at your education...

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Business 101 for Writers: The Book Cover

So far in this series, we have covered a whole lot of ground. You have written the best book you can, revised it, and now you have hired an editor. Currently, they are working on one of the four rounds of editing your book will go through before a proofreader goes over it one last time. If you are not writing your next book, you are sitting at home wondering what you should do next. The answer depends on your path to publication. If you are going the self-publishing route, it is time to source a cover by hiring...

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Guest Post: Ways to Turn a Big Move into an Opportunity to Make Some Positive Life Changes

Our Guest Post author is Jennifer Scott. Jennifer Scott has experienced anxiety and depression since she was a teenager. With SpiritFinder, Ms. Scott offers a forum where those living with anxiety and depression can discuss their experiences. Some major life transitions present great opportunities for personal growth and improvement – even (and especially) the stressful ones. Making a big move is one of these transitions. Moving can be scary, exciting, miserable, and fun – depending on whom you ask – but the one thing that it is for all people is a great time to kickstart some positive life changes....

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GUEST POST: Raising Funds for a Terminally Ill Family Member

Is someone in your family terminally ill? If yes then there’s a good chance that you need help paying the medical bills and ongoing scans and treatment. The good thing is that you’re not alone. Today, a number of families in Australia and elsewhere need help with medical bills. The easiest and quickest way to get help is raising money for the medical expenses. However, you should start your fundraising campaign only after you’ve developed a fundraising plan. It is likely that you’re raising money for medical expenses for the very first time. If that is indeed the case...

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