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Writing as a Business: Wide Distribution vs. Amazon Exclusivity

Smashwords challenged the publishing industry when Mark Coker launched it in 2007. By 2010, the company was profitable, and was distributing books not only on its own website, but through partnerships with Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Sony. Apple was also in the self-publishing game, and Amazon offered Kindle Direct Publishing options to authors starting in 2007.  Apple was the first to offer authors a 70% royalty under certain conditions, and Amazon KDP soon followed. Compared to traditional deals which often offered print royalties from 4-7% to new authors, this was a big deal. Then Amazon, as per...

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3 Things to be Thankful for During Construction Season

In the Northwest corner of the United States, we have four seasons. We love them all, almost. These are not the seasons you were taught in school. They are fall, winter, spring, and construction season. That’s right. The fourth season, known in some places as summer, is marked by orange cones, hard-hat wearing shovel leaners, and flashing yellow lights that mean one simple thing: you’re not going anywhere fast. From “Lane Closed Ahead” to “Flagman Ahead, Expect Delays” the signs decorate the sides of nearly every road. The winters are hard, and the time to repair the damage such...

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Innovative Ideas to Help You Start a Successful Reseller Hosting Company

With the Net becoming a major source of direct and indirect income, web hosting is an integral part of the Web’s economic potential. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the opportunities that reseller hosting plans offer and cement your place as a savvy and successful online investor. This option allows you to venture into this industry without needing to invest heavy fortunes and possess extensive online experience. But what is the guarantee that your baby investment will succeed? Are there any ideas that can inspire you to success? To get the answers to these critical questions,...

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

NFL training camps are ramping up, and everyone is ready for some football while at the same time baseball season is headed into the fall schedule. In some ways, it is a slow time of year for sports, in other ways it is a time of anticipation. Fantasy leagues are forming, team names are being chosen, and those magical draft dates are being set. In short, fans are ready for some football. Our Sunday afternoons will soon be marked “busy” on our calendars, and Monday Night will be reserved for social gatherings around the game of the week. But...

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Writing as a Business: Your Google Ranking

We’re going to skip ahead a little bit in this series to a marketing piece, primarily because I have received a lot of questions about it lately. So here is the deal: as a writer, you need to have your own website and blog, you need to post there regularly, and you need to deliberately link to it from other reputable sites. Why? Because when people search for certain keywords or phrases on Google, you want to be on the first page. At the very least, you want to rank for your name, but better yet would be to...

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