Author: Helen Eagleton

5 Things to Consider Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

  If you are not currently taking advantage of cloud-based technology, you may be missing out on an amazing opportunity to improve your business activities in incredible ways. Cloud computing can seem like a complicated concept at first glance, but it actually can simplify your life and improve your professional efforts. With cloud computing, you will have access to stored data from any location where you have an Internet connection. There is a critical need in today‚Äôs fast-paced business environment for you to have access to information, files and more on-the-spot without delay. By migrating your documents and data...

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Running A Home-Based Business: 5 Tips For Success

If you have decided to take the big leap towards starting a home-based business, you are not alone. Up to 69 percent of start-up businesses still running in the USA are home-based. Another 50 percent of entrepreneurs run their businesses from home. Contrary to popular opinion, home-based businesses could end up being successful multinational corporations. Examples of such businesses include Amazon, Google, Walt Disney, Mattel, etc. This should boost your confidence when starting your business. Among many other benefits, a home-based business will grant you the autonomy of scaling up or down as you see fit. You will also...

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6 Mistakes Brands Should Avoid on Social Media

Using social media for marketing purposes appeals to numerous businesses because of the large number of daily users that log into popular social networks. Unfortunately, many brands have a hard time converting their media presence into new leads and sales. Many of them make mistakes that result in damaged reputation and even loss of customers. However, you can improve your chance of success on social networks by being aware of common blunders some of those businesses make and learning how to avoid them. Here are five mistakes you should avoid in order to maximize your benefit from social media....

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7 Useful Skills That Every Entrepreneur Needs

To successfully launch and grow a company, an entrepreneur needs a unique skill set as well as ample knowledge and patience. Almost every startup has its ups and downs, and very few follow a straight, upward path to profitability. If you want to increase the likelihood that your new startup will be successful, consider nurturing and refining these specific skills that can serve an entrepreneur well. Ambition To succeed with your startup venture, you need to have an ample supply of ambition to combine with your talent and vision. Ambition can give you the drive to work harder and...

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4 Tips for Writing a Professional E-mail and Increasing Your Response Rate

Typical email inboxes contain an overwhelming number of messages from myriad sources. As a result, for any recipient, professional emails can get lost amidst a sea of newsletters, social media alerts, personal messages, and spam. In other words, to get the attention you deserve, you must craft messages in ways that stand out. Otherwise, you risk having your emails ignored, overlooked, automatically deleted or filtered as spam by their intended recipients. Although such a daunting task might seem almost impossible, you can increase your email response rates by using the following tips. 1. Make Sure to Be Well Prepared...

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