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Guest Post: Laptop vs. Smartphone: Do You Need Both?

With the advancement in technology, the smartphones being released nowadays are capable of competing even with mid ranged desktop computers. In some fields, they even have a slight upper hand on traditional computing devices. This is because smartphones—in addition to giving you the functionality of a computer–also provide the functions of a cellular network, i.e. calls and messages. This function is not available in most of laptops and computers. Getting yourself a laptop when you already have a smartphone might not be a good idea because almost all functionality of the laptop is available in the smartphone. As long...

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GUEST POST: Why Choosing the Best Web Host Is Crucial for Your Business

Currently, businesses operate both in the “real” and online world. They try to establish a strong online presence to engage their audience, take advantage of growth opportunities, and carry out affordable marketing campaigns. On the other hand, business owners who fail to transition online struggle to remain competitive because online strategies and appropriate web hosting solutions have a decisive impact on the bottom line. The bottom line Many entrepreneurs have learned the hard way that when websites fail, profit goes down. In other words, the choice of a hosting solution is paramount to success in the digital realm. A...

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GUEST POST: 5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Vintage Look

Today’s Guest Post is from Inga Lindstrom. She has some great ideas about giving your kitchen a vintage look, which I love. Enjoy! Vintage furniture, decorations, and kitchenware can add a sense of history and nostalgia to your kitchen. Give a modern kitchen a vintage twist with a few well-chosen items or add character to an older kitchen with a whole collection of vintage finds. Here are five ways to give your kitchen a vintage vibe. Display Vintage Kitchen Items If you already have a collection of vintage teacups, saucers, cake stands, storage tins, utensils, and other kitchen items,...

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Guest Post: Does a Clutter-free Office Provide Better Working Results?

Our Guest Post author today is Helen Bradford. Although some may argue that chaos gets their creative juices flowing, research has shown quite the opposite result. Several studies have been conducted on the impact of clutter or a messy desk on workers’ productivity levels. The results are very similar across the board. A messy space reduces focus, impairs creativity and generally makes people anxious and stressed. The same way that noise can make it hard for you to concentrate on writing an email, for example, clutter can draw your eye and attention away from the task at hand. You...

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GUEST POST: Staying Healthy When You Are HIV Positive

Leaps in science and understanding of the HIV disease means that new treatment if applied properly, allow HIV-positive persons to live normal, healthy lives.  In , act recent studies show that someone who is HIV-positive but in routine care and in optimal heath can live to their late 70s. While in the past treatment involved dangerous medicinal regimens with pretty severe side effects current drugs and treatment methods are much more effective and have fewer or heavily reduced side effects that are more manageable. It is also important to note are that HIV treatments are much easier to apply...

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