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Slipping Down in Life: A Guide to Public Liability Claims

Most of us take our health and safety for granted, but the truth is, injuries and accidents can occur anywhere at any time.  In 2013-14 alone, around half a million people were hospitalized as a result of injuries, with around 12,000 dying as a result of the physical effects. Though road accidents and criminal incidents make up a majority of these cases, very often injuries are a result of public accidents that are caused negligent safety practices. Flashpoints for potential accidents can include: Wet, slippery floors that have been improperly cleaned or marked out, Misplaced ropes and cables, Bad...

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Radiography: Why Every Heath Enthusiast Should Be Looking for a Career in It

Those who are planning a career in medicine will someday have to decide which specialisation they wish to take. Some want to be neurosurgeon while others cardiologist. Sadly, even today, a career in radiology is not a student’s first priority. In this article we will explore further information about a career in radiology and aim to change your perception about how the profession is seen and why one should opt for a career in it. Radiologists are no less than surgeon or general physicians. They do more or less the same amount of work. They may not be holding...

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The Need for Authorization: Why You Should Never Use a FC Exchange without FCA Authorization

For any consumer, to enjoy a fair deal, financial markets must be effective, fair and honest. It is what consumers pay for. Not the product or service, but honesty and effectiveness. Regulatory bodies came into existence to keep a check on the industry and all the firms under it. The sole purpose of such regulatory firms is to ensure that businesses, no matter how big or small, follow set rules and regulation. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is one such firm that ensures all firms follow these guidelines and principles to run their business. From life insurance firms to foreign...

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GUSET POST: Impact of Social Media on Business

Most entrepreneurs and small companies wonder how to generate greater impact on their audience and how to reach potential customers that may be outside their local area. Social media can offer a great way to get in touch with them and benefit from the possible feedback and communication that is activated through these channels. There are clear benefits that can be achieved through the creation of pages, blogs, and events you can share on social media networks. Here are some aspects that must be considered when starting to work with social media. Increased traffic to Your Website This is...

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6 Simple Morning Exercises That Will Keep You Active

Have you ever walked out of your house on your way to work feeling as if you were still half asleep? Sometimes, your body remains in a resting mode for the rest of the day. You are half yourself, your performance is less than perfect, and you become so unhappy because everything about your day is just a distraction from your desire to keep sleeping. Sometimes, your body needs to be woken up. Some people splash cold water on their faces first thing in the morning or play loud music. For a better way to set the tone for...

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