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6 Implementations of Live Chat in Different Industries

The development of digital technology has brought a variety of advancements and benefits for businesses in different industries. One of the latest software tools that is becoming increasingly popular and effective is live chat software. The implementation of this software in any type of business brings an abundance of benefits, so one would expect that this comes at a high price. However, using such a tool carries insignificant costs, and it pays off greatly in the long run. Let’s take a look at all the different industries that benefit from live chat for a website. E-commerce This is, by...

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What To Do With Your Rewards Points?

For any company, keeping the employees and customers motivated and happy is crucial. By keeping employees and customers happy, companies can yield maximum profits and increase loyalty. Now, the question beckons: how can companies keep customers and employees motivated and happy. Today, there are a number of ways to keep customers and employees motivated and happy including using a rewards points program. What are rewards points and what can they be used for? Let’s take a look. A way to increase loyalty, a points program gives points to your customers and employees for a variety of things. Employees can...

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5 Biggest Aging Fears Among Men

Most people are, in fact, worried about getting old. On the other hand, numerous surveys show that when one finally gets old, all those fears kind of disappear. You may say that fear exists just when you’re young. Elderly are more satisfied with their lives, they don’t suffer from depression as much as younger people do, and fear of death is less present as well. So, what happens in the meantime? What are the most common fears among middle-aged men? Fear of getting Weak It is true the real source of power is knowledge, but in men’s minds, that’s...

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What Affects the Price of Gold in Australia?

Gold prices can fluctuate rather fast, or it seems that way at the very least, especially to someone who doesn’t quite know how to keep up with gold prices. Realistically, it is a well-known fact that gold and silver are two of the most complex assets to price. Unlike currencies, commodities, and stocks, physical gold cannot be priced using the production-demand-inventory formula, which makes the procedure all the more challenging. Although within Australia, which also happens to be the third-largest gold producer in the world, the currency is influenced directly by gold prices. If the gold prices increase or...

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Guest Post: Laptop vs. Smartphone: Do You Need Both?

With the advancement in technology, the smartphones being released nowadays are capable of competing even with mid ranged desktop computers. In some fields, they even have a slight upper hand on traditional computing devices. This is because smartphones—in addition to giving you the functionality of a computer–also provide the functions of a cellular network, i.e. calls and messages. This function is not available in most of laptops and computers. Getting yourself a laptop when you already have a smartphone might not be a good idea because almost all functionality of the laptop is available in the smartphone. As long...

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