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Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments – Marketing Gimmick or Wave of the Future?

Today, if there’s one word that you hear everywhere you turn, it’s most certainly “cryptocurrency”. The craze for these all-digital assets has seemed to have gripped everyone; it’s cryptocurrency this and blockchain that and “what’s Bitcoin going to do next?” Honestly, it’s exhausting, especially when you’re trying to earn a living. The next customer that asks “Hey, is your website going to start accepting cryptocurrency payments?” might push you over the edge. However, that persistent customer has a point – there’s a rather large push today for business owners – from retailers to e-tailers to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments....

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Birth Injuries to Your Baby: What You Could Do About It Legally

You’ve been carrying your baby for nine months, and when you were sent to the emergency room for the baby’s birth, feelings of excitement and fear start to take over you. You think that this is the best moment in your life and you just can’t wait to see your baby. The doctor arrived and started to inform you of what will happen. You were then instructed to push, and you immediately obliged. Moments passed, and you can hear your baby crying. It was one of the happiest moments in your life. However, you’ve noticed that your baby has...

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Key Legal things to Remember in Case of a Bicycle Accident

It’s getting close to biking season, in fact, we have already had a few good riding days already here in Boise. Today, our guest post talks about what you should do in the unfortunate event of a bicycle accident. Disclaimer: the material presented in the article below should only be considered as a general overview regarding bicycle accidents. Should you or anyone you know, find yourself in a bicycle accident, it’s best that you speak to an attorney immediately. They can help you decide on what the best legal actions are to take. Bicycle accidents are not relatively common,...

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Effective Procedures to Avoid Wrongful Termination Suits

Even though you can’t do anything about the post-termination emotions that your employees will feel after you terminate them from the job, you can, however, hopefully prevent a former employee from doing post-termination actions like filing for a wrongful termination suit against you, by following certain procedures. Know what causes an employee to file a wrongful terminal lawsuit against you. Any employee will have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit against you if they think that they were fired from the job without any good reason. So it is essential that you, as the employer, know what kind of...

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6 Highly Effective SEO Strategies for Small Business

There are more than a billion websites online today, and new ones are being created at a rate of about 500 per minute. The breakneck speed at which online content is being created makes search engines an indispensable tool for finding your way on the web. Conversely, businesses looking to expand their customer-base online have to rely on search engines to drive traffic to their websites. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. To sustain and increase online presence, it is not enough to simply create and maintain a website, and hope that search engine algorithms will...

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