Month: October 2016

Review of Visme

There are a ton of products out there for creating graphics online. Why? Because we aren’t all great at creating graphics, posters, infographics, and other marketing materials. Sometimes we just need a program with a few templates pre-loaded, some decent graphics along with the ability to load our own, and some simple tools to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong. This program, or any other like it for that matter, does not replace a good graphic designer, or make you one. I mean, it does not work that way for me anyway. I tell stories, sometimes using graphics, but I am just not a design genius. True, Microsoft Office 365 includes some templates for posters, presentations, and other materials. But most users will tell you they pretty quickly download third-party templates and graphics to give themselves a more robust set of choices. Visme is different from the start. Different from Canva and other programs, different than Buffer’s Pablo, a great tool for making simple images to share on social media, but not an epic design tool by any means. Full disclosure before we begin. I was given a free trial of Visme to review. I had access to all of the premium features, something I recommend if you are going to create any number of graphics. I will also tell you this: I am a skeptic, and...

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October 13th, Unlucky No More

  Every October 13th has been a rough day for me since the year 2000. That year, October 13th fell on a Friday, and my life changed forever. Traveling back to Payson, Arizona where I lived at the time from a friends house in Wilhoit, I came around a corner near the final stretch into town. A Toyota truck was turning left into an outlying neighborhood. I still swear to this day that the driver saw me, because I was watching. I swear she hesitated, and went anyway. I applied both brakes and steered left, but I could not...

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Save the Data: An Author’s Guide To Backup and Recovery

I migrated to a new computer this weekend, and it is probably something that was long overdue. My tower stopped working, and while I, in an amateurish way diagnosed the problem as a failed power supply, the motherboard had actually stopped working. Not a simple or cheap fix, and with the price of parts and labor, I could just buy a reconditioned machine. On top of that, my son, now 14 needs a computer more and more for school. I have a laptop I have been using, or rather overusing, and he needs a device of his own so...

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