Month: February 2016

The Dragon in The Garden

A guest post by Erika Gardner! Thanks so much to my fellow authors from Tirgearr Publishing for giving us each the opportunity to guest on their blogs. It’s been a pleasure to discover more about Elizabeth Delisi, Troy Lambert, and Kristi Ahlers during this process. As you have likely realized over the past few days- our Press is having a birthday, their fifth, in fact! So to celebrate authors are discounting their books for a few precious days, February 26th through the 29th. Each our books will be available for just 0.99. That’s unreal to me. That means you could my book, The Dragon in The Garden, twenty times for the same price as a typical hardback. What a wonderful time to be a reader! It’s a wonderful time to be a writer as well. While, traditional publishing is struggling, people ARE reading more than ever. They are simply doing it in new ways. The trick is to figure out how to capitalize on those ways in such a manner as to make a living wage at this business. I’ll let you know if I ever figure that part out. Still, with computers our work is faster and easier, while the digital age offers a myriad of new formats in which to distribute and market our work. The Dragon in The Garden is my first published novel and is...

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The Good Shepherd

My thriller, Stray Ally is on special this week. It has been a helluva year, but the sequel, Good Shepherd, is nearing completion. And you, dear reader, on the Anniversary of Tirgearr Publishing, when you can get Stray Ally here (if you have not read it yet) for .99 this entire weekend, get a sneak peek. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of Good Shepherd. Enjoy, and check out the rest of the great books on sale this weekend at Tirgearr by visiting the sale page. Excerpt, Good Shepherd He brought his rifle up now, not aiming for the men in front, but the ones behind them, the ones with the rifles, while staying in a prone position, making himself as small a target as possible. He fired a single shot, and one of the two men’s head exploded, sending blood and bone spattering over the others. “Shit!” the second said, and swung his rifle around. Before Rick could get off a second shot, something hit him in the shoulder, pushing him backwards. “Jesus, go! Go!” One of the men was clearly aggravated with the driver, apparently not realizing the gate remained shut. “I can’t!” came back. One of the men holding the odd weapons jumped down and ran into the guard shack. Rick tried to bring his rifle around, but his right shoulder was useless. He felt...

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Guest Post by Krist Ahlers: It’s hard to believe that Tirgearr Publishing is getting ready to celebrate it’s 5th birthday! And as a gift to you, my titles will be discounted. Check out my backlist! I promise there is something for everyone. I’ve long had a love affair with Paris. There is simply something about this city that calls to me. When I lived in Belgium, I spent so many weekends in this amazing city. In fact, the last summer we lived there, I spent each weekend there. Yes, each weekend. You don’t know living until you’ve had brie and baguette until you’ve done so in Paris. Yes, it tastes better there. J I’m also all about trivia so here is a little trivia about one of my favorite places on earth! The Eiffel Tower is approx. 300-350 mm high Musée du Louvre started off as a fortress The Arc de Triomphe is the final resting place of their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Pantheon is the final resting place of Voltaire and Victor Hugo. Palais Garnier is the opera house Phantom of the Opera is based off of. Jardin des Tuileries was once the site of a Tile Pit. Tourists have been touring the sewers of Paris since 1858 thanks to Victor Hugo. Check out my duet THE TROUBLE WITH PARIS This collection includes my novellas The Trouble...

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Interview with Elizabeth Delisi

Elizabeth had joined me on my blog before, but this time she is talking about her novel, Fatal Fortune. Below is an interview with her, a few quick questions, but first an introduction: Elizabeth Delisi is a multi-published, award-winning author of romance, mystery and suspense. Her time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt, LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, won a Bloody Dagger Award and was a Golden Rose Award nominee. Her romantic suspense novel, SINCE ALL IS PASSING, was an EPPIE Award finalist and Bloody Dagger Award finalist. FATAL FORTUNE, a paranormal mystery, was a Word Museum Reviewer’s Choice Masterpiece. Three of Elizabeth’s contemporary romance novellas are combined in one volume, HEART SPELL, due out in June from Tirgearr Publishing. Elizabeth also has a short story collection available, THE MIDNIGHT ZONE.   Elizabeth is a writing instructor for Writer’s Digest University. She has taught creative writing at the community college level, has worked as an editor for several small publishers, and has been a newspaper reporter and columnist. She invites readers to visit her web page: and her blog:   Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to become a writer. I’ve always enjoyed reading, and have wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade. After many years of expressing my quirky imagination and being told I was eccentric at the least,...

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Tirgearr Blog Swap and Sale!

This weekend is Tirgearr Publishing birthday. Their first one, really, since the company was founded on the last Leap Day. I’ve been proud to be a part of Tirgearr, and have edited for them as a managing editor for the City Nights series when it first got started, senior editor, and I still edit for them on a regular basis. In addition, but two of my works are published by them, Stray Ally, a military thriller about a man who saves a dog in the wilderness, but in the end the dog saves him; and my erotic thriller One...

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