Month: November 2015

Do You Know This Author?

Amazon’s Heavy handed review Policy and What it Means Amazon has gotten heavy handed with book reviews in a process that hurts a lot of Indie authors, and damages the very fabric of the initial book marketing push debut authors use. It is said that the average indie published book only sells 100-150 copies in its lifetime. The reasons for this are many, probably most commonly low quality covers and editing and a lack of marketing. But how does a debut author market their book if they don’t already have an online presence and platform? The first step is to...

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Guilty: One Writer’s Journey

You don’t become a writer. You can become a published author, a success, or find another way to get paid for your writing. Those things are all possible, and reasonable goals. But you cannot become something you either are or are not. I wrote my first book at age six, and pretty much read everything I could get my hands on when I was a kid. It’s a common writer story. Time alone, time at the library, a list of favorite authors as long as my arm. The story rolls on with the typical advice from adults of our generation who told us there was no way to make a living as a writer: it was an impossible dream and we should just go to college and train for a “real” job. Read the rest of my story over on Lipstick and Laundry here. Share...

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Book Release: Marred by Sue Coletta

Sleeping Good Lately? You Won’t After Reading Marred by Sue Coletta Excerpt: Monday, July 17, 2006 1:30 p.m. I used to believe people were inherently good, if only at their core. I saw the brokenness of the homeless. I respected the overachiever in the football star hoping for Daddy’s approval even if he’d never get it. I saw the heart of sinners, the souls of lovers. Shattered dreams of an abandoned child. I saw good in evil, spirit in the unholy. I understood the complexities of love, marriage, life. Hell, I welcomed the challenge. I had hopes, dreams and...

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Grande Tolerance, Hold the Whip

Starbucks. Despite controversy over how they treat employees, the company seems to have made big strides in many areas. No one who has ever worked as a barista for them or anyone else would say it’s an easy job. Hell, even hearing customer names and translating them into correct spelling, while a source of humor for the rest of us, does hold a certain amount of frustration for the person on the other side of the counter. So when I saw the new red holiday cups, and the controversy it created within the “Christian” community, my hackles rose. What’s...

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Am I Going Crazy?

This poem was originally published October 2, 2014 for national poetry day. I thought it appropriate for this Throw Back Thursday, the Fifth of November. Remember, remember. Am I Going Crazy? Am I going insane and dazed? Am I too lost to face this? And what will it cost to escape? Nothing is right. I am so scared. –Korn Surrounded. No way out. Count the walls. One. Two. Three. Four. Where is the door? Someone please, show me the door. I don’t see it. Everything is the same. The light is bright. Pleasant, not harsh like before. What is this before? Nothing is before. All is now. Now. Soon it will be later, but that will be now too. I need something. Smell, taste, sound. All I do is see. Eye before eee, except after see. Not that see. See. My arms will not move. Is imprisoned a feeling? Is immobile a state you can embrace? I try to turn my head, but I can’t. My neck is frozen in place, but I cannot feel what holds it. Do you understand? I cannot feel. Do you know what that is like? Inhale deeply. The only sound is my breath. Don’t fluorescent lights hum? I strain, but nothing. Silence. I cannot scream to bring sound to this place of sameness. Smell. Surely there is something. The canned air of an...

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