Month: December 2014

No New Year, New You

News Flash! Are you ready? You are you, and I am I. And there is no changing that. The date on a calendar is not an opportunity to change the essence of who you are. If you believe it is, let me attempt to enlighten you. Because honestly, the best you can hope for is some enlightenment. So here are some things you can change in the New Year: Change your reactions. Okay, you can’t change the essence of who you are, but you can change the way you react to other people, situations, and even obstacles that will...

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All Lives Matter

I love all of you reading this. Not in the personal, I know you kind of love, but in the love thy neighbor way. But I am about fed up with #BlackLivesMatter and #PoliceLivesMatter. It is not that those things don’t matter, but what seems to be filling social media, mere days before Christmas, is a debate between the two. Wake up folks. It’s not an either or. All lives matter. So let’s look at some things, and see if we can make sense of it all. #PoliceLivesMatter Absolutely true. But there are issues. Is not the police motto...

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As many of you know, often even just as a form of therapy, I write some free-verse type poetry. It is likely crude, even offensive to true poets. But I wrote this recently. This is a holiday gift to you. Change. It evokes in us a feeling of fear. As if in embracing it, we will not something new gain, rather might experience loss. We fear what we possess is scarce, and in letting it go, moving forward we might never recover what we left behind. We hold on fruitlessly to poison. Grip sickness tightly to our chests, embracing day after day the harm. Whispering to the hurt the words: “I love you. I love you. I love you.” While it stabs us, screaming in rage: “Die! Do not seek to live! Die!” Something changed in me yesterday. Not for want of trying before. For try I had. For who wants to live in a storm of jealousy, fear, anxiety, dependent upon another for the security of one’s soul? I surveyed those surrounding me. Enabling those who did not love them to maneuver their feelings, govern their actions, the unwitting control born of fear. Fear of loss. Fear of rejection. Fear their lover might yell. Their soul mate might begin a conflict over a misplaced dish, a toilet seat left up or down. A roll of paper around a...

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Guest Post: Daithi Kavanagh

Today I welcome to my blog Daithi Kavanagh! Author of a great thriller, The Gun, available here from Tirgearr Publishing. Daithi Kavanagh hails from Ireland. Give him a warm welcome, and visit him on the rest of his blog tour by clicking the button at the bottom of the post, or here. When I was a teenager in the 1970’s in Wexford I left school at fifteen and found myself unemployed as there was also a recession in Ireland at that time. Rather than going around swatting flies and watching Love Boat on television (I kid you not) I took up reading. One of the first books I read was Wuthering Heights. It was a mystery to me how a young girl living in the heart of the country in England of the 1800’s could have known so much about life and I realized from that moment how powerful the mind is for conjuring up images and stories. I also found books lying around my home such as A Stone for Danny Fischer by Harold Robbins. These were my first inspirations to read because in school reading was not a pleasure but a penance. Country Living I have been living in the countryside in a place called Trinity since 1998. It is such a beautiful part of Wexford. It is a tiny village with a small population. There are loads of...

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Fear vs. Love

It’s not some kind of revelation. The kind that people will write down in a book, start a religion around, and then totally flip so they can kill whoever they want and feel okay about it. It’s really just restating something you already know, more than likely, and if you don’t, something you should learn pretty darn quick. Nearly every religion shares one common theme: there’s a battle going on in the world, good vs. evil, and it never seems to end. Looking around ourselves, we see it all the time. Race, police brutality, class warfare, all of it points to the fact there are some people who do bad, some who do good, and some who seem to have no idea what the difference might be. But I think it is simpler than that. A friend and I were talking this week, and I think the real battle is between fear and love. All that is ‘bad’ comes from fear. Sound too simple? Shame=fear of what others think. Jealousy=fear of losing something (usually that wasn’t yours to possess in the first place). Hate =fear of something different. Greed=fear of someday not having enough. Envy=fear that someone else will have something more, or better than what you have. Rage=fear your voice will not be heard unless you speak louder, harsher than those opposed to you. Ah, the list could...

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