Month: July 2014

Time Off

I’m a hard worker. I’m not bragging, more confessing. I am a workaholic. I’d go to meetings to try to find a cure, but who has time for that, right? Then this last weekend I took off to Garibaldi, Oregon to share a booth with a friend and fellow author at their sole annual festival, Garibaldi Days. Be quiet. I know how physical book signings go in the digital age for thriller authors. I’ve done several, with varying degrees of success, but all coming with valuable lessons, and in this case another added value: time off and brainstorming with a couple of brilliant minds. I took my full Samuel Elijah Johnson series, Redemption, Temptation, and Confession. A few copies of Broken Bones. Happily Ever Afterlife and Dragonthology. Sherry Briscoe wrote a book of short stories titled Mists of the Garibaldi (it is pretty good. You should check it out). A local read it, and e-mailed her with an invitation, which she kindly shared. Rochelle Cunningham came with us, the co-author of Crash Landing in a Field of Outhouses, several memoir style vignettes by Ken Bauer, an entrepreneur and pilot with some interesting stories. She brought her first non-fiction piece, Codependency: The “Normie” User Guide: How the Non-Addict learns to Love when Love Hurts with her as well. She is currently working on a short series of children’s books and...

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The Hazards of in Person Book Signings

(and the benefits) It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and I feel like gambling. Do I go down and purchase a lottery ticket? Nope. Instead I set up a table at the Kuna Library during summer reading events. There is tons of promised traffic. And traffic there is. But People come to the library to borrow books, not to buy them. At least, that has been my experience. The traffic consisted of harried parents, lulls of almost no patrons, and several curious kids (who my books are not appropriate for). For most authors who have done or attempted signings at libraries, this is not news. Far from it. It is simply fact. But there are things to be learned from these and other experiences.  The idea was never to sell a ton of books. But to do two things: make my local librarians who may recommend my books happy, and increase local exposure. This forces any author to brand themselves, something with its own value. So below is a little advice when you are next invited to do any in person signing. 1. Manage expectations. Be realistic about how many books, if any, you expect to sell. And keep that in mind. Sometimes just reinforcing your public image is enough return on your investment. Especially with patrons of libraries who are obviously already readers. 2. Use your time wisely. Don’t just sit and stare...

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Why Lists Interest Blog Readers

Often, authors ask me what they should blog about. Recently, Nokolas Baron approached me about writing a guest post, and shares on this very subject. Thanks for being here Nikolas. Take it away! The Age of Information In this day and age if you can’t impress someone within the first ten seconds, you’ve lost your chance. From the very first sentence, picture, or frame, you have to encourage the reader to keep reading, and come back for more. It’s hard to hold the attention people used to instant gratification. Blog readers want to be entertained the instant they reach the site. The abundance of lists with pictures and quizzes about which TV character you are has seriously downsized the time people are willing to spend reading. The average blog reader skims at best, and what’s easier to skim than a list? Lists quench an essential need: quick information. They display information fast, and they get to the point without any fluff. They give the reader what they want upfront without having to wade through any unnecessary information. Lists capture attention immediately and hold it for a short time. Just perfect for the instant gratification generation. Where Do You Spend Your Time? When you happen upon someone’s blog, what grabs your attention? The design? The photos? The titles and text? Think about what you’re looking for when you read a blog. Do...

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